Kenya Moore fires back at Kim Z

Kenya Moore On Kroy Biermann: “Men Shouldn’t Be Allowed On The Set” Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta culminated in Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes drama, but it started out with some Kim vs. Kenya Moore– with some Kroy Biermann cameo appearances thrown in.

The Atlanta Housewives questioned Kim all season long for leaving Kroy on standby in the car- just waiting for her to storm out or waiting to step in when she “needs” backup.

Kenya opened up about her issues with Kim (and Kroy) during an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. Kenya revealed, “Listen, I was a Kim fan before she fell out with me for no reason at all and targeted me.”

Kenya explained, “I thought she was a pretty cool person, but when I heard she was coming back I thought was good for the show was good for the fans and good for all of us. That changed when she was just so negative and nasty. I don’t think you have to do that to make a good show- intentionally be that way is what I mean. I think if you defend yourself and get into an organic situation with someone, then I’m all for that. It just seemed like as though she was coming from a place of ‘I’m going to start a fight with this one. I’m going to pick on that one. I’m gonna come after this one.’ That is where I started to rethink her coming back.” Well, yeah. She had to do what she could to earn that Friend of the Housewives paycheck.

Kenya recalled the infamous fight over John Legend tickets at the beginning of the season. She shared, “It was a bit intimidating because I remember when she threw her phone at me and hit the table and broken glass went everywhere. All of a sudden I look up and Kroy is standing over me.”

The mom-to-be continued, “He’s a big guy. Obviously, his wife was upset. I’m like ‘Is he coming after me?’ I didn’t know and that’s not a good situation to be in as a cast member and you’re looking up at this big, football player with an angry wife. So it wasn’t fair to us. The men shouldn’t be allowed on the set in that capacity.”

Kenya declared, “You can’t show up when your wife is having a fight, jumping in the middle of it, or intimidating other cast mates that are women. It’s just not a good situation.” When was Kroy intimidating other women? Yes, it’s a little strange how he went from being an NFL player to a glorified chauffeur- but is it intimidating? Maybe something just isn’t translating to me while I’m sitting safely on my couch at home.

Kenya was asked, “Going into the reunion, was there any one thing where you were like I want an apology for this?” Without hesitation, Kenya said, “That’s every damn reunion. Are you serious? Have you watched me on this show? Have you seen the things that people have said about me and done to me?”

The rant continued: “I will never get an apology for the things that have happened to me on this show. I have been lied on since day one saying that I’ve paid people to be on this show. I have never ever paid anyone one cent to be on the show. I’ve never promised to pay anyone to be on the show. That’s a lie. Have I ever gotten an apology for that? Have I ever gotten an apology for the craziness that even Porsha [Williams] has said in the last three consecutive reunions? Have I ever gotten an apology for my hair being pulled?”

Kenya kept going: “I have never gotten an apology for anything. So, no. I don’t expect an apology for anything that transpires in this group because sometimes petty means just that. You just are petty and you can’t see beyond just being small.” She concluded, ” I don’t think there was a lot of resolution, but I think with some of the situations there may be some hope.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]