Real Housewives Of New York Recap: On An Island

Hell hath no fury like a sidekick scorned. Carole Radziwill is fed up with Bethenny Frankel. The Real Housewives of New York viewers are seeing the former besties slowly drift apart this season- but fast forward to the present day and the Radzi is very much done with Bethenny. She has some fighting words for the Skinnygirl founder.

Carole’s take on her feud with Bethenny is a million times more interesting than listening to her rant about running a marathon for multiple episodes. Carole does not play. It seems like Bethenny finally has a formidable opponent.

Hopefully this season blesses us with the version of Carole who wrote this scathing Bravo blog post. She really goes in on Bethenny. Right from the jump she called out Bethenny: “Spoiler Alert: What would you do if your friend called your boyfriend, secretly behind your back, and asked him to go to Houston with her? Yeah, that happened. Stay tuned next week for As RHONY Turns…but let’s begin with this week.” Why would Bethenny call up Adam Kenworthy “secretly” to photograph a philanthropic trip? It will be interesting to see whose version of the truth lines up closest with the actual truth as the season unfolds.

Carole dropped some heavy doses of shade into this blog post: “I’m glad to see my friend Bethenny step outside her affluent bubble, with her stream of rich boyfriends, rich friends with private planes, million dollar homes, and five-star resort vacations. One gets the impression this is the first time she’s witnessed real poverty. I know it was for me, many years ago when I first covered tragedies as a journalist.”

The shade continued. Carole wrote, “It is a good use of celebrity, and I hope this journey will make Bethenny a wiser and kinder person closer to home too. From the looks of it she’s got a ways to go.” Ouch.

Still, Carole insists, “But I’m not counting her out yet!” And then she slammed her again: “We are now in Episode 7, and as I continue to say how proud I am of her, and ask her about Puerto Rico, she continues to be out-of-control aggressive, parrot back anything Sonja [Morgan] tells her, berate Tinsley [Mortimer] (a woman who wrote her a $10k check) and insult me behind my back. And that’s just over drinks at Megu. Lol.”

Carole continued to call out her former bestie: “At lunch Dorinda [Medley] is being verbally water-boarded, (that’s what we all call it). Bethenny does this often, you’ve all seen it:  her uninterruptible talk pattern that leaves her victims helplessly nodding in agreement. Sonja does this too which may be why these two are attached at the hip now.” Carole really put some thought into this blog post.

Carole claimed, “Dorinda is being used as a pawn to further Bethenny’s agenda and she doesn’t quite know it — yet.  Not only am I a high maintenance, eyelash-wearing, fashion-obsessed, childless friend who doesn’t have a job and isn’t interested in what’s going on in the world, but guess what, Adam is too (minus the lashes)!” Clearly, she watched this episode more than once. Or at the very least, she paused it a few times to take some detailed notes.

Carole explained, “As a woman, it makes me sad to watch another woman, who I thought was my friend, talk behind my back with such cattiness and disrespect. But it makes good television and in the end that is Bethenny’s one true friend. Pass the popcorn.” She. Went. There. I am living for this and just hoping we see this level of spunk in the upcoming episodes.

Carole wrote, “All I’ll say about the latest bunch of insults, including the bizarre claim that I don’t have a career, is this: I will put my resume up against Bethenny Frankel’s any day of the week. When Bethenny was auditioning for B movies, I was travelling for ABC News to places similar to what you saw in Puerto Rico.” Oh. My. God.

She continued, “After that I worked in publishing and wrote for national magazines, and now yes, I am on Reality TV. The irony isn’t lost on me that while Bethenny is gossiping about me over pizza with Dorinda, I’m working.” Technically, gossiping over pizza did count as “work” for the show.

Carole continued to bash Bethenny’s credentials: “The entirety of Bethenny’s career, other than some minor success she had as a caterer, has been in Reality TV. From Apprentice to Housewives and all that it has brought her — including launching her Skinnygirl business — Reality TV has been very good to her. She worked hard, and I’m glad to see she is giving back. I’ve been her biggest cheerleader. I show up at all her launch parties, from booze to sparklers to candy. Last year in Mexico, I wore my Skinnygirl hardhat with enormous pride.”

This blog post is just the gift that keeps on giving. Carole wrote, “Unlike Bethenny, I don’t need to be biting and self-righteous in order to make myself feel better, smarter, or more successful. I hardly recognize the woman on television shaming women simply for having different opinions and interests.”

She continued, “Obnoxious lines like, Call me when you’ve had some success, set all women back. Ramona [Singer], whether you like her or not (I do) is a very successful woman. She has had success in business, gracefully navigated a nasty public divorce, and raised a thoughtful and intelligent daughter. That’s my definition of success. What’s yours?”

Then Carole called out Bethenny for calling out Adam. She wrote, “Bethenny did get one thing right about Adam: He is richer, in all the ways that count in life, than Bethenny will ever be. Unlike Bethenny, Adam was 23 and dead broke when he created and ran an actual licensed charity.”

Carole was downright relentless coming for Bethenny. Spill that (Skinnygirl brand) tea, girl. She revealed, “When Harvey hit last summer, Bethenny was partying in Ibiza, I was taking care of a friend whose husband had passed away, and Adam was working hard commuting three hours between clients each day. So, no, Adam couldn’t go to Houston at Bethenny’s whim. He is building his business, and he has to hustle — you’d think if anyone would understand that it’s Bethenny. How quickly she forgets the struggle.”

Carole shared, “He suggested switching one client’s day but couldn’t afford to lose his day rate — certainly not to take pictures of Bethenny to post on her social media.” Ouch. Carole claimed, “So off she went to Houston with a professional paid photographer in tow to take pictures of her and the endless selfies she allegedly disdains. Yes, that makes everyone I know chuckle too.”

Then Carole concluded by insulting Bethenny with her own catchphrases: “So get off my jock and if you’re going to come for me — you better not miss. You did a great thing in Puerto Rico, then you let your ego get the best of you. I’m still rooting for you… Until next week…” Is it Wednesday yet? I need that new episode ASAP.

[Photo Credit: Bravo]
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