Andy Cohen Says He Wishes He Would’ve Walked Off The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion

Andy Cohen visited The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM last week to promote Love Connection, but ended up spilling a lot of tea about our favorite Real Housewives! Andy shared his real feelings about the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, and how he never thought Kim Zolciak Biermann’s “bathroom moment” would see the light of day.

“I had a really rough time for the last chunk [of the RHOA Reunion] when Kim was on,” Andy admitted to Jenny. “I hate a five against one situation because it’s a gang-up. And the problem is that Kim…well, it’s less problematic when the person is good at taking up for themselves. Kim was not having an easy time with her words. She was making it harder for herself.”

Andy went on to explain to Jenny how at one point during the final segment of the RHOA Reunion, no one was listening to him and he didn’t have control of the room. “I wish that I had walked off,” he joked. “I’ve never walked off – everyone else has. The next day, I was like ‘Damn it! YOU should have walked off!'”

Although there will likely be plenty of reunion walk-off opportunities in Andy’s future, he says, “It has to be balls to the wall bad for me to walk off,” so he doesn’t know when the situation will reach that level of disaster again. (Prediction: This season’s Real Housewives of New York Reunion could present his coveted moment. Dorinda Medley is already locked and loaded!)

As for the aftermath of the RHOA Reunion when Kim demanded Andy come to the bathroom to listen to her long list of complaints, Andy says he had NO idea the footage would be usable. In fact, he even told producers afterward, “There’s nothing interesting here.”

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Andy explained what was going through his mind during that now infamous bathroom scene. “It’s funny because in that moment – and I will always tell you that I can be an idiot sometimes – I was like, the reunion’s done. They’re never using this. I was so dumb!” he laughs, knowing now how explosive that package with Kim was.

Even though Andy says he’s almost always thinking as a producer, he was exhausted during the interchange with Kim and just thought it was a chance for her to air her grievances after a brutal day. He also defends Kim’s remarks about racism “not existing before social media.”

Andy says he understood the larger context of what Kim was trying (and ultimately failing) to explain. He told Jenny, “I don’t think Kim is a racist. I’ll say it now, and I’ll say it a hundred times. I think that she is not the greatest at expressing herself sometimes, and I think what she meant in that moment was that racism in the age of social media is sometimes exacerbated or construed differently than it was before.”

“She was also beaten down because it was the end of the day,” Andy continues, “and sometimes when you’re in that pressure cooker situation, you’re not exactly at your finest.”


Photo Credit: The Jenny McCarthy Show

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