Ramona Singer On Bethenny Frankel: “We All Just Tolerate Her Antics Because It’s Easier”

Even though Bethenny Frankel considers herself the Queen B on Real Housewives of New York, she sure has a lot of enemies. Her longtime friend, Carole Radziwill has turned against her. She is still arguing with Ramona Singer whenever she has the chance.

She called Dorinda Medley a “drunk” during their Puerto Rico trip. She decided to fight Sonja Morgan’s battle and came for Tinsley Mortimer during the last episode. Will Betheny end up on a couch by herself at the Season 10 reunion? It seems like she’s losing friends left and right.

Ramona had no issue calling out Bethenny in her most recent Bravo blog post. She remarked, “For years now it seems that whatever Bethenny says on the show is deemed ‘truth.’ You’ve heard her say over and over, ‘I’ve never told a lie.’ Maybe she thinks she really could be President — President George Washington. LOL…It’s just not true.”

Ramona even provided some examples: “Whether it’s saying I’m just tolerated by the group (not true) or like this week saying Carole doesn’t have a career. (And by the way, we are all relatively in the same business: reality television. But that’s a whole different conversation.)”

During the first episode of this season, Bethenny told Ramona that she wasn’t supportive of other women. Ramona insists that Bethenny is actually the person who doesn’t support her peers. She wrote, “The sad thing is I can’t remember a time when Bethenny was genuinely happy and supportive of any of the women in our group. And I go back 10 years!!”

And Ramona came through with her Real Housewives of New York history references: “She treated Kelly [Bensimon] horribly, she was competitive and combative with Heather [Thomson], dismissive of Kristen [Taekman], downright nasty to Jules [Wainstein](remember how she trashed her home?). She called Luann [de Lesseps] a snake and a whore, then Sonja was ‘dead to her,’ for what? Trying to make a buck in the booze business? Last year she berated me for trying to have an awkward conversation about a nude movie she had appeared in, and she still doesn’t miss an opportunity to take digs at me.” I love how Ramona didn’t pass up the chance to remind us all about Bethenny’s nudity as an “actress.”

Ramona continued, “This year she’s condescending to Tinsley who wrote her a $10,000 check, calls Dorinda a drunk, and she’s on a rampage of insults against Carole who, up until this very episode, has never said a bad word about her and continues to support her businesses and charity.”

The OG New York Housewife claimed, “It’s to the point where we all just tolerate her antics because it’s easier to just take the hit and move on. If Bethenny is consistent at all, it’s that she cannot be confronted on any of her behavior (whether it’s her own anger or emotional issues).”

She explained, “It’s two sets of rules: her way or no way. She can stick up for Sonja, be her mouthpiece (‘puppet’) and call out Tinsley, but when Carole tries to defend Tinsley she’s a puppet. This is crazy!! Bethenny needs to look in the mirror.” Damn. Ramona is not backing down.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]