Hannah Ferrier Shares Opinions On Captain Sandy Yawn; Says Brandi Glanville Is Her Dream Charter Guest

If you pay close attention while watching Below Deck Mediterranean, it’s clear that Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn are not each other’s biggest fans. Sure, they’re both good at their jobs, but you can just tell that they don’t mesh.

Will the tension boil over into a full-on argument? Or will they both just try to be professional and do their jobs during the charter season.

Hannah opened up about Season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean on an episode of the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast. Hannah teased, “There’s a little bit of romance going on. It’s with one of the deck crew. He’s adorable. So it was fun.” It doesn’t sound like too much of a serious thing between Hannah and Conrad Empson.

Even with a romance on the yacht, Hannah didn’t have the easiest charter season. She explained, “It’s a good solid 20/21 hour day so it can be really exhausting. I guess my stress and weight loss is super apparent this season because I didn’t really.. I wasn’t even taking breaks to eat or anything, so that can kind of get on top of you. You need to make sure that you’re looking after yourself as well and I probably didn’t do the best at that this season.”

Hannah was asked, “How would you compare Sandy to the other captains that you’ve worked with?” After a noticeable hesitation, Hannah answered, “She’s good at her job and I respect the way that she runs her crew.”

Hannah continued, “At the end of the day, everyone has their personality and everyone is different. They’re gonna get on with different people. Just like in the normal job position, you don’t particularly one hundred percent love and get along with everyone you work with. I think with Sandy, we work together and I respect her as my captain. I think she does a great job, but I’ve been closer, I guess, with captains I’ve worked with in the past. I’ve also not got along with other captains. So I think she’d probably sit in the middle.”

One person who’s at the top of Hannah’s list is former Beverly Hills Housewife Brandi Glanville. Out of all the Bravolebrities, Hannah would want her to be a primary charter guest. Hannah shared, “I would actually love Brandi Glanville from the Beverly Hills Housewives. I just think she’s crazy and fun. That’s the [type of] guests I kind of like looking after.” That would definitely make for good television.

Kate Casey said, “Tell me the one thing you want us to look for this season and your favorite episode.” Hannah told her, “Well, I don’t know what’s airing on what episodes, so I can’t tell you that. Probably the thing to look for would be, I think honestly, you have to concentrate a lot on the location.” Really? Hannah said, “It’s one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.” True, but I don’t watch this show for the scenery. I’m here for the drama.

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Tonight is an all-new episode of Below Deck Mediterranean. “The primary and her guests continue to turn up the heat on the crew causing tension between Adam and Hannah over communication. Sad about missing her sister’s wedding, Brooke tries to remain professional while still on charter. Meanwhile, Kasey and Joao continue to elevate their game of flirting as Brooke develops a crush on Adam. And during the crew night out, Hannah attempts to take her relationship with Conrad public, putting him to the test. As Conrad gets closer to Hannah, Captain Sandy begins to notice he’s distracted.”

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