Hannah Ferrier Thinks Captain Sandy Yawn Treats Her Differently After Last Season’s Reunion; Not In Touch With Charter Guest Jason From Last Season

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15090 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hannah Ferrier, Adam Glick -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

In all honesty, Below Deck Mediterranean is a different show than it was last season. The only returning cast members are Hannah Ferrier, Adam Glick, and Captain Sandy Yawn.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of residual drama from Season 2 that has spilled over into the current season. The first two episodes of Season 3 have been pretty entertaining. Adam and Hannah stopped by the Bravo clubhouse to discuss the season with Andy Cohen during last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

A fan called in and said, “I’m wondering why [Hannah] didn’t have more sympathy for Kasey [Cohen] when she was sea sick.” Hannah countered with, “I had a whole bunch of sympathy for Kasey when she was sea sick. I got her a bucket and then I got back to doing my job and her job. That’s the best I could do.”

Another viewer wondered, “Do you think Captain Sandy treats you differently after last season’s reunion?” Adam turned to Hannah and said, “Go ahead, Hannah. I think you got this one.” Hannah confessed, “For me, one hundred percent yes.”

Andy asked, “Why?” Then he added, “Remind me what happened at that reunion. I was there, but I forgot.” Hannah gave the most vague answer possible: “I think Sandy sometimes is in Sandy’s world.”

A minute later, Hannah elaborated, “I think that she definitely treated us a little bit differently. It’s hard to come back when you’ve already been in the bad book, so I probably stayed in the bad book.”

A fan asked Adam, “Do you still live in your van? If so, what do you do when it comes to taking girls back home?” He answered,  “Absolutely, I still live in my van. Cruising every day.”

Andy chimed in with, “And you just take girls back to your van? And do they like that?” Adam told Andy, “You’d be really surprised by how many ladies want to see the inside of the van.” Andy admitted, “I’m actually not surprised to tell you the truth.” Same here, Andy. Same. Same. Same.

Adam theorized, “I think there’s a lot of adventurists out there and I’m just trying to get to meet them.” Makes perfect sense to me.

A caller asked Hannah and Adam, “Have you ever had a guest reach out from any of the seasons where they saw the show and were upset about what you said in your interviews?” Hannah didn’t hesitate to reveal, “One hundred percent. I get it all the time.”

Adam admitted, “Yeah. Last year? Are you kidding me?” Then, Hannah revealed, “Actually, this last charter, one of their daughters DM’ed me on Instagram and apologized for her mother’s behavior.” I don’t blame her. Those guests were total terrors.

A fan asked Hannah if she still talks to Jason. In case anyone forgot who that is, Andy reminded us all: “The guy you made out with last season- the super hot fox.” Oh, we remember.

Sadly, Hannah shared, “No, I don’t speak with him anymore.” She revealed, “He was a bit of a fame whore to be honest. Disappointing.” Andy suggested, “You should use him back.” Hannah came back with, “If he had as much money as he said, then I would.” Ouch.

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