Ramona Singer

After ten seasons on the Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer is still keeping us entertained. The RHONY star is fancying herself as a bit of a peacemaker on the show this season and reveals how she’s helping to soften the ladies during times of conflict. She also shares her favorite filming moment and talks about the stress of filming a reality show. And, among other things, Ramona reveals what she is looking for in an ideal man these days. Read on for all things Ramona, including her thoughts on that cast boat ride from hell.

On the Daily Dish podcast, Ramona shares whether she misses filming the show after a season wraps, “I love my downtime. We basically film five months. The reunion really is only one day, and that’s in July. So we really we have off seven months. Not a bad gig.” Does she find herself anxious to get back to filming? “it’s a double-edged sword because when we work, it’s really intense and can be emotionally jarring because we’re seven women that like each other but at times we really go at each others’ throats, so it can be quite emotionally disturbing. So, when we’re not filming it’s kind of nice to take a break from everyone and just see them now and then. You’re under different kinds of business pressures. It’s a good balance. When we start filming again, am I excited about it? Absolutely. I have fun when I film with all these ladies and I always say I’ll continue to do the show as long as I have fun because you have to love what you do to be good at it.”


On her relationship status with former bestie Sonja Morgan: “Relationships do change. They go up and down. You’re gonna see a big shift in Bethenny and Carole’s relationship and because of that Bethenny has a different relationship with different girls. Because of it, Carole, Dorinda and I got extremely close this season. You’ll see Sonja and I are a bit on the outs.” Is this going to be a season of Ramona versus Bethenny? “I don’t verse anybody. I think Bethenny at times, she’s maybe at a point in her life where she’s not totally happy and she’s either screaming at you or crying at you. I was just trying to have an intelligent discussion about business and she just got all hot-headed and didn’t want to hear it and just started being not quite so nice. It is what it is, that’s Bethenny.”

Ramona says we won’t see her dating anyone this season, but is focusing on herself instead. “I really put my passions into my Ageless by Ramona skincare line. Developing that, packaging that and you’re gonna see that, how it worked through the show. I found a phenomenal doctor to endorse it.”

She also says we’ll see her transforming her home in Southampton. “I put my energies more into myself – me, myself and I. I think you have to get yourself together first before you can really find someone. If I find someone, it just happens organically. I’m not going to quit my life. I have my financial success, I have my friends, I have my daughter. Of course, I can’t go to bed with my skincare line. So that’s a little problem. It’s nice to snuggle into bed with someone at night.”

The Daily Dish podcaster interviewer mentions that Vicki Gunvalson used a vision board to manifest her relationship with Steve Lodge. She asks Ramona what her ideal man vision board would include. “It’s interesting you told me that because Vicki told me and shared the same thing and I do think positive thinking creates positive results. So I definitely wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night saying I would like a gentleman in his 50’s to 60’s, someone who has been married before, shows commitment. Someone who has children 18 or older because my daughter is older and I don’t want to deal with young children and I want someone who has a child because they’ll understand how close Avery and I are together and I think that’s important. Someone who’s warm, caring, giving, doesn’t take himself too seriously, can live in the moment, makes me laugh. I want to laugh. Boy, do I want to laugh. Someone that’s as comfortable going with me to a black tie charity event or being in the kitchen, barefoot and in jeans, cooking up a meal with me with a glass of wine or two.”

Ramona also talked about the moment when she called into the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and didn’t realize it. She said that Melissa Gorga became a good friend of hers after they did the Lip Sync Battle taping together and she can’t remember why she was even calling her at that particular time. She said Andy Cohen teased her that she’s the first to do everything when it comes to reunions. “The first to walk off, the first to fall asleep, and the first to call in and be on someone else’s reunion.”


Was the boat ride from hell as bad as it was made out to be? “Well, there was no fire and there was no rescue boat. The waters were extremely rough and severe. Water was coming over the boat. The boat was rocking tremendously. So much so that no one could film. That part was scary.”

On her favorite part of the last 10 seasons of filming. “Believe it or not, my favorite thing we filmed over the last ten years was season 3 when I renewed the vows with my ex-husband.” Ramona explains that it was a beautiful moment, having Avery for her mini maid of honor and Cocoa as her ring bearer. “It was a beautiful, beautiful moment.” She adds, “things change in life. It’s strange, but it does. It was a beautiful moment that we shared with our family and the viewers and it was something quite spectacular.”

How has Ramona helped Luann de Lesseps through the divorce process? “She’s doing really great because she really took control of her life. She fell really hard but she got up and that’s what counts. I think by going to therapy and going to AA and going away for a few weeks and just getting into herself and learning to be by herself. She’s great. We all rallied around her and that’s one thing also about all of us women – we may fight like thick as thieves but when we are down and out everyone rallies. And we rally behind Luann and she’s doing spectacularly.”

On who she has conflicts with this season, “It’s an interesting question. I feel like this season I took more of a step back. I’m trying not to be so confrontational. If someone is having a disagreement, let’s say it’s Sonja and Tinsley, instead of telling them to their faces what I think they’re both doing wrong or how they can make up, I take them each aside separately, quietly to see if I can get them to resolve their issues because I think that’s the better way to do it.” She says “even with Carole and Bethenny, there’s some things going on with them, and I’ll take Carole to the side and I’ll say something positive about Bethenny hoping it’ll soften Carole. I’ll take Bethenny to the side and say something about Carole hoping it’ll soften her because those are like subtle things to say that might make people say ‘hmmm’.” Ramona says she finds that if there’s an audience for a confrontation, people are less likely to be open because they have to look like the “strong ass”. She thinks her new approach will have a larger impact on mending fences for others. She says she wouldn’t call herself a peacekeeper, “more of ‘hey let’s not hold a grudge, let’s move on from this’ and then explain the other person’s position. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t work.”


Photo Credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images