Jax Taylor Asked Both Of Brittany Cartwright’s For Their Blessing Before He Proposed

In news that was somehow very surprising/not surprising at all, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright got engaged. And filmed the whole thing for Vanderpump Rules Season 7, of course.

The viewers aren’t the only people who are a “part of” the proposal. Jax actually asked Brittany’s mom Sherri Cartwright and her father for permission to propose beforehand. There’s no word on whether those conversations were filmed for the show, but hopefully they were because that just sounds like premium content.

According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Jax revealed that he went beyond the tradition of asking the bride’s father for Brittany’s hand in marriage. He shared, “I did. I talked to him a long time ago. I asked [both parents] actually.” Did they both say yes the first time?

Did that take some convincing or were they both immediately on board? Did Jax fly to Kentucky to have these conversations? Without rehashing their drama for the 932373737th time, it’s safe to say that these two have had quite the turnaround after a super scandalous Season 6.  Again- let’s just hope this moment was filmed.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]