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On Watch What Happens Live, Luann de Lesseps Celebrates 51 Days of Sobriety; Says Friendship With Carole Radziwill Was Never The Same

On Watch What Happens Live, Luann de Lesseps Celebrates 51 Days of Sobriety; Says Friendship With Carole Radziwill Was Never The Same

Luann de Lesseps was certainly missed at the Real Housewives of New York City reunion, but she stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night to make an appearance and discuss the drama. The Countess even wore the gown she planned to wear for the reunion taping, had she not wound up in rehab for a second time. She was candid about her struggles, her friendships with her co-stars and more.

Luann shared that she’s feeling really good and declared she has “a lot of energy. It’s awesome.”

First poll of the night is who looked best at the reunion? Bethenny won that one by a landslide. The next poll immediately after asked whose side the fans are on NOW: Bethenny or Carole. Bethenny won again. Andy then asked Luann whose side she is on. She laughed and said “Well, Carole and I have had a rough year.” She confirmed that they were better this year, but “I just never got over certain things and she did. I was friendly to Carole but the friendship was never the same.”

Andy then played a clip of Dorinda Medley saying that Luann was court ordered to go to rehab. Luann denied that claim. “I was not court ordered to go to rehab. I went on my own recognizance, so Dorinda doesn’t know anything about me. I felt I needed to go and take care of myself and I take it very seriously, my sobriety. And it’s been 51 days today.”

Andy played another clip from the reunion, showing Ramona talking about Luann drinking 18 shots of tequila and being upset about Tom. Luann admits she was upset about Tom, but denies it was EIGHTEEN shots. “Well I was upset because she told me some things about Tom that I didn’t know. So, I was upset about that.” She shared that she was grateful to Ramona for sharing those things OFF camera. “At that point he had been brought up enough, I think you guys would agree.”

Ramona Singer says Luann de Lesseps left rehab too soon

We rolled tape again, showing Ramona spilling tea about Luann getting drunk post-rehab (the first stint). Ramona told the story about Luann being at the Beacon and acting a hot drunken mess. Luann looked into the camera and spoke to Ramona, telling her she’s lying. “That’s a lie. Ramona, look at me. I was never at the Beacon this summer, so that is a total lie. And at Chris Burch’s party I was not kicked out. So you’ve gotta stop making stuff to make yourself look better, Ramona.”

Luann weighed in on Dorinda shouting “Jovani” during her cabaret. “She was heckling me. It was terrible. I felt so sad to watch that. I mean, I feel sad that Dorinda doesn’t see this and say ‘Oh my god I can’t believe I behaved that way’! I think just her behavior speaks volumes.”

Andy shared that Dorinda sees the two of them coming back together and mending their friendship. Luann said “I think that’s very sweet of her but it’s not my vision for the moment.”

He showed the women sharing what they think Luann’s problem stems from and she agreed with some of the things they said. “I am a big baby. I’m really a child and I never want to lose that. I hold on to that. I love that Bethenny totally had me pegged.”

Dorinda Medley says Luann de Lesseps is no position to lecture her on drinking

After being shown the clip of Dorinda basically saying Luann had an inflated ego after the success of her cabaret show and that she should have more humility, Luann clapped back with “yeah, I’m not taking advice from Dorinda right now. Thank you for those two cents. I will say, my cabaret is everything. I found my calling in life and if that makes them uncomfortable, that is too bad.” She does understand some of the concern since cabarets are a party atmosphere but Luann isn’t worried about it. She’s just enjoying the performances.

She admitted being glad that Dorinda turned her on to Jovani. “Of course, but there’s a lot of designers in New York, but when I slipped on the Jovani dress, it fit me like a glove. Like it was made for me. It was like a match made in heaven, so I’m very appreciative there.”

Luann shared that she is in touch with Bethenny since Dennis’s passing but she’s giving her space and time to heal.

A caller asked what Luann thought about some of Carole’s antics at the reunion. “I thought they ganged up quite a bit on Bethenny and I feel like there was some plotting and scheming going on beforehand somehow.” She wished she could’ve been there to help Bethenny out because it seemed they were all in cahoots. “They all kind of agreed with each other, they all had each other’s backs. I felt very much that they were in cahoots.”

Carole Radziwill quits the Real Housewives of New York City

Luann revealed that she does not speak to Tom D’Agostino at all, but she is in touch with Jacques and said that he’s like part of her family.


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