Kameron will NOT have her MIL insulted!

If I hear about Dallas society one more time, it will be one time too many. Unfortunately that’s a sacrifice I have to make if I want to continue watching Real Housewives of Dallas. Other than that aspect, this show is really on point.

Nevertheless, Kameron Westcott and D’Andra Simmons got into it during the last episode after Kameron’s mother-in-law Jimmy warned D’Andra about her (supposed) reputation in Dallas society. If you drank every time they mentioned “Dallas society” or “Highland Park” it would be a recipe for disaster.

Kameron shared her point of view in a Bravo blog post. She insisted, “My mother-in-law’s intention was only out of love for D’Andra. While Dallas is a very big town, Highland Park is a small town and word travels fast. She had heard some recent concerning stories about D’Andra and was worried that it may come back to haunt her in Dallas. It was out of love and protection.” Is this really that concerning? She’s on a reality TV show, of course D’Andra is going to be living it up and having some fun.

Kameron explained, “She was not specifically saying to not hang out with Brandi [Redmond], she was just trying to remind D’Andra that Dallas is a very judgy town and people talk, and Jimmy thought D’Andra should be aware. In certain social circles in Dallas, if you act in a trashy way you can get shunned, and Jimmy just wanted to make sure that D’Andra was aware of the potential consequences of her newfound wild streak.” So is Kameron saying that D’Andra was “acting trashy”? It sure sounds like it.

Kameron maintained, “Jimmy was not judging D’Andra or telling her to not be whoever she wants to be; she was just reminding her of how women in Dallas work. Whether you like it or not, you are guilty by association and further, when you are out in public and you do something unbecoming, it will get flagged. It’s kind of like always being on a reality show all the time.” I can’t help feeling like being a cast member on an internationally televised reality TV show is much more intense than Dallas society.

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Kameron explained why she stormed out of an event in the middle of a conversation with D’Andra: “What made me so upset with D’Andra is that no good deed goes unpunished. My mother-in-law and I were only trying to help D’Andra, and she attacked the messengers. We were not the ones calling her out on her behavior. We were just trying to be good friends and make sure that her recent changes in her behavior was what she really wanted.” They really could have used a softer approach, if that was really the case.

Kameron declared, “If D’Andra wants to trash it up, good for her, I really don’t care. I have too much going on in my life to babysit.” Ouch.

Then she returned to insisting her mother-in-law was coming from a place of kindness and concern: “Jimmy was trying to make sure that this is the path D’Andra really wants to walk and make sure that her recent behavior was not just symptoms of a much bigger issue. I am actually concerned that something may be going on with D’Andra that the group and I are not aware of.” Symptoms of what?

Kameron concluded, “But I will definitely think twice before I give her feedback again, because when you are feeding someone information, no one likes getting their hand bit.” It sure doesn’t sound like the two of them are on the best terms these days.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]