Kameron Westcott Doesn’t Think LeeAnne Locken & D’Andra’s Relationship Will Ever Be Repaired; Says D’Andra Broke Girl Code

During the last season of Real Housewives of Dallas, Kameron Westcott seemed a little uptight. Well, more than “a little.” Now it seems like she’s loosened up a bit and is on the joke. Or at least she’s on the joke when it comes to her sense of fashion and those condom-looking earrings she rocked during her on-camera interviews this season.

Other than joking about that debatable fashion faux pas, Kameron had to answer a lot of serious questions when she was on Watch What Happens Live last night. Of course she discussed the storyline of this season: the demise of LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons’ friendship. Last season those three were a unit. With D’Andra and LeeAnne at odds, what does it mean for Kameron’s friendships with them both? That was one question that Kameron wasn’t asked, but she did get plenty of others.

It all started with those earrings. Kameron actually brought them to the Bravo clubhouse to show Andy that they were actually pink bows and not condoms. She declared, “We’ve got talk about this because no one told me.” She explained, “They were pink bows and nobody said anything when I put them on.” Andy kept it real and said, “They’re not going to. They’re just going to let you hang yourself.” Honestly the earrings were a great move. It provided plenty of meme and GIF material for the fandom.

And then things got serious. Kameron said “It’s just heartbreaking” when asked about LeeAnne and D’Andra’s rift. Kameron even said, “It’s sad and I don’t think it will ever be repaired. I don’t.” Never say never. There have been plenty of restored friendships across the Real Housewives shows. It’s just not going to happen any time soon. There’s no doubt that these two will be going at it during the Season 3 reunion.

Kameron stood up for LeeAnne and explained where she was coming from during the conversation with Brandi Redmond (in drag)  during last week’s episode. Brandi told LeeAnne that she seemed to be jealous and unhappy in addition to questioning if she was actually going to marry Rich Emberlin.

LeeAnne got upset and tried to explain how hurtful that was by making an analogy of a statement that would hurt Brandi just as much as she hurt her. She brought up the possibility of someone saying that she and her husband adopted a baby to save her marriage. She said it as hypothetical scenario. She was making an analogy. Nevertheless, Brandi ran with it and told everyone that LeeAnne accused her of adopting a baby to save her marriage. Maybe she just wasn’t thinking clearly from all those sleepless nights with an infant and she couldn’t help reacting to some obvious trigger words. Maybe she knew this would be a good storyline for the show. Who knows, but Kameron has LeeAnne’s back.

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Kameron explained, “LeeAnne was actually giving Brandi an analogy because Brandi was telling her that she was never going to get married and pushing LeeAnne’s limits. It was an analogy that LeeAnne was referring to. She never actually intentionally said that, but she was trying to say that so Brandi would drop the subject.” There’s no chance that this subject will be dropped at any point soon. They will definitely hash this one out at the reunion.

Later during the episode, Brandi tweeted, “Kam, watch again bc I asked her if she was sad and if she was getting married. I never pushed her to say what she said. So you are wrong.” Alright then.

A caller tried to trap Kameron into shading Brandi, but it didn’t work. She asked, “Do you feel like Brandi hides behind a ditzy facade to hide the fact that she’s actually very calculating?” Kameron responded, “I don’t actually think Brandi is calculated at all. I think she sometimes gets caught up in the drama.”

Another fan asked Kameron, “What do you really think about LeeAnne and Rich living separate lives?”

Kameron set the record straight, “OK. Completely false. That is 100% not true. For someone to even say that about a best friend is completely crossing girl code. If she would have brought that up herself, then that’s something to talk about, but that’s completely unacceptable. They have such a wonderful relationship and I love them both. I’m just so happy for their wedding.”

A viewer wondered, “Do you think Stephanie [Hollman] and LeeAnne have a genuine friendship?” Kameron admitted, “Yeah, actually. LeeAnne and Stephanie really do have a genuine friendship. I am really excited for them.” Same. Who would have saw that coming? LeeAnne and Stephanie were at odds for the first two seasons. Now they’re getting along and LeeAnne invited Stephanie to pick out wedding dresses. This just proves that anything can happen on this show, so don’t count out an eventual LeeAnne and D’Andra reconciliation.


Photo Credit: Bravo/WWHL