90 Day Fiance Preview: Asuelu Meets Kalani’s Family, Steven Reunites With Olga, Larissa Meets Colt’s Mom

Another 90 Day Fiance Sunday is upon us, and it looks like tonight’s going to be a fantastic episode once again! By fantastic, we mean that imminent disaster awaits the six couples gracing our screens with their K1 visa journeys, but you already know that.

Previews reveal some family drama unfolding in Orange County, where Kalani is prepping Asuelu to meet her overly critical father, who doesn’t take kindly to Samoans – even though he, himself, is Samoan. Go figure. But Asuelu is too #Blessed to be stressed, just enjoying the simple pleasures of houses with walls and potable water in his new palace/Air B&B. It makes him “Wow!” (Seriously – is this guy not the best?)

After hearing the great news that their K1 visa was approved, Ashley and Jay prepare to leave Jamaica for the booming metropolis of Mechanicsburg, PA.  Ashley already fears Jay will feel like a fish out of water in her hometown, where (she reports) he will be one of the only non-white people in her neighborhood.

Larissa continues to make Colt’s life a living hell, and she’s only been in Vegas a total of three hours! He really should have brought her those flowers, yo. And he REALLY should have installed some AC in that vehicle, because by the time he gets Larissa back home, she’s fit to be tied – and she spares no insult upon meeting Mother Colt and seeing their home for the first time. Just a warning: Prepare to cringe!

90 Day Fiance Jay Victim Of Trolling Hoax

Steven lands in Russia, where he plans to get reacquainted with a 9-months pregnant Olga, who he barely knows. Fernanda quickly grows bored in North Carolina, questioning what she really got herself into by agreeing to marry Jonathan. She’s also not over the thong situation, ultimately asking Jonathan’s best friend, Dani, for intel about Jonathan’s past relationships.

Lastly, Eric takes Leida, Alessandro, and Raina on a day trip to Philadelphia in an attempt to “show them a good time,” but Raina isn’t having any of it. She warns Leida that if Eric’s promises to take care of her aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, their parents (who will arrive in the U.S. any minute) will not hesitate to drag her by the hair all the way back to Indonesia. Hmm…Guess she won’t be screaming “PUT IT IN PROPER!” at anyone when handcuffed to an airplane seat for 11 hours!

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Photo Credit: TLC