Tempers Flare Among All Of The Couples On Tonight’s 90 Day Fiance

Tempers Flare Among All Of The Couples On Tonight’s 90 Day Fiance

All six couples hit major speed bumps on tonight’s 90 Day Fiance. We’re at the point in the season where it’s tough to tell who to root for. But God bless this show anyway because it’s truly made Sundays great again. And there is some juicy drama headed our way tonight.

Steven & Olga went from hopeful to straight up disaster in three days. It’s 99.9% Steven’s fault (unless tv editing it doing him dirty). After Olga and baby Richie are cleared to head home from the hospital, Steven hopes they can make a fresh start. But previews show their arguments continue, largely due to Steven’s quick temper. This is not looking good.

Kalani’s frustrations with Asuelu becoming a competent father continue to grow. She enlists the help of her brother, Nick, to “watch” Asuelu interact with Oliver and report his findings. Oh no. I think we can all predict how this little experiment will turn out.

Meanwhile, on Mars, Larissa and Colt try to do some wedding planning. Larissa flies into a rage when she thinks Colt is flirting with a female employee who’s showing them around a potential reception venue. Question: Does Colt-eeeeeee actually know how to flirt? What, exactly, would that humanoid-to-human interaction look like? 

After Leida’s family heads back to Indonesia, it’s time for Eric and her to clean the gross-ass apartment. There is only one problem: Eric’s daughter, Tasha, still lives there. And Leida wants her out…like, NOW.

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Ashley becomes suspicious of Jay when she sees him returning texts to girls in Jamaica and leaving his prison the house for unknown reasons. Jay feels confined in his new living situation and doesn’t want to be treated like a child.

Also for unknown reasons, Jonathan has created the worst possible situation for his fiance by not telling his family about her until after he was engaged. Thus, when Jonathan takes Fernanda to Chicago to meet the fam, things are predictably tense. Jonathan’s mom, specifically, is not on board with her son marrying a 19-year old, let alone in less than 90 days.

A brand new chock-full-o-nuts episode of 90 Day Fiance airs tonight on TLC at 8PM Eastern/ 7PM Central. Join us in the comments section to snark on all of the madness together!


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