Larissa Fights With Colt's Cousins & Leida Threatens To Leave Eric On Tonight's 90 Day Fiance

Larissa Fights With Colt’s Cousins & Leida Threatens To Leave Eric On Tonight’s 90 Day Fiance

You know, each week we think we’ve seen the worst that these 90 Day Fiance couples can offer – but it’s not so! Because tonight, we’re about to be treated to a toddler-like meltdown, the likes of which only Leida and her entitled, PUT-IT-IN-PROPER arse can give us. Brace thyselves!

After Eric rejects Leida’s dreams of sleeping on a real mattress and sitting upon a real couch, she throws a fit in the parking lot. Cameras pick up right where we left off last week. Leida freaks out about Eric’s child support payments. She threatens not to marry him if he doesn’t come up with enough money to fund her lifestyle.

Steven and Olga are still in Russia trying to make their desperate situation better. Only one problem: STEVEN IS AWFUL. This week, we see Steven trying to begin the K1 visa process to bring Olga to America, but he finds out some disturbing news.

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Larissa didn’t get the biggie house, the nice couchie, or even a not-cheapie car with AC, so she’s hoping Colt will at least spring for the wedding gown she likes. NOPE! Not if Mother Debbie has anything to say about it! When Larissa takes Debbie along to try on dresses, she’s given the following ultimatum: Choose a cheapie dress and get your green card, or choose an expensive dress and it’s no green card for you!

Tonight’s also the night that Larissa gets into it with Colt’s cousins. Yes, we’re about to hear the line that’s been previewed all season long: “Who is against the queen will die!” Pop your popcorn, folks. It’s going DOWN.

At the end of their trip to Chicago, Fernanda urges Jonathan to make amends with his mom, who he’s been estranged with for quite some time. Jonathan breaks down in tears. He knows Fernanda is right, but he’s not sure how to repair the rift with his family.

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Kalani talks to Asuelu about their future, telling him she’s still not sure about marrying him. Asuelu also breaks down in tears, admitting that he just can’t seem to prove he’s good enough for Kalani or her completely obnoxious family.

Finally, Ashley and Jay drop a bomb on their friends and family when they announce big news about changing their wedding plans. Are they going to elope? Go back to Jamaica? It’s something major, according to previews. Then again, we’ve been frauded before!

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