Lisa Vanderpump Explains Her Refusal To Get A Credit Card

It seems like Lisa Vanderpump has everything in the world. I mean, the woman stars in not one, but two Bravo reality TV shows. She has a great family, reality TV stardom, and plenty of money to spend on herself and her favorite philanthropic causes.

However, there’s one thing that she will never have. It’s not something she “can’t” have, but she just something she does not want. Believe it or not, LVP refuses to get a credit card.

In a recent interview with InStyle, Lisa confessed, “You’re not gonna believe it, I don’t even have a credit card.” But, why not? Doesn’t she want some benefits like airline miles? Apparently not. However, it’s not as if she needs points to buy anything, let alone a commercial flight.

In fact, her daughter Pandora Vanderpump suggested getting a credit card for the rewards. Lisa recalled, “Pandora says, ‘With the amount of money you spend, you should have a credit card so you can get points.’ But I like to know where I stand.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG explained, “I have a debit card, and it comes out of my account. Because if I had a credit card, I would never pay the bills. I just wouldn’t remember.”

I don’t know about that. She’s so on top of almost every aspect of her life. There’s no way she wouldn’t pay her credit card bills. She would probably pay everything in full as early as she could. Plus, couldn’t she just employee someone to be on top of that task?  Of course, but who am I to give Lisa Vanderpump any sort of financial advice? Her system is working for her. Clearly.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]