NeNe Leakes Livid Because Kandi Burruss Said She Met Gregg In A Strip Club

The current Real Housewives of Atlanta season is a little too much kumbayah if you ask me. Where is the drama? On the blogs, apparently. NeNe Leakes was not pleased with a comment that Kandi Burruss made during the last episode.

So she called her out in a blog post. Ironically enough, the blog post was a series of NeNe’s answers to questions. No one ever asked about Kandi, but NeNe just added in a note about Kandi on her own. She had time that day.

Before going off on Kandi, NeNe shared her first impressions of Dennis McKinley in her Bravo blog post. NeNe wrote, “My first impressions of Dennis were, ‘Oh he’s quiet and he certainly doesn’t look like the type of guy I would have thought Porsha [Williams] would go for. ” Is that some low key shade? It’s hard to tell if NeNe and Porsha are cool these days. They did go off on each other with some social media posts. However, they deleted the insults. Their status is just abundantly unclear.

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The only bit of drama from the episode was when that random Yovonna read Eva Marcille to filth. Eva said “it’s nice to meet you.” Meanwhile, Yovanna insisted that they’ve met several times and that they share a mutual best friend. Was Eva intentionally shade? Is it possible that she’s just forgetful? It’s probably the former. Once again, Eva took a major “L” for the episode, like she has pretty much all season long. The reunion taping is going to be such a nightmare for her.

NeNe admitted, “I wasn’t surprised! I knew Yovonna mentioned they went to college together and that they shared the same best friend, but she always felt that Eva was shady towards her. So that outburst was coming from years ago.” Could that be why NeNe invited Yovonna to the party? Maybe the OG cast member put on her producer cap, knowing that the season lacked drama.

And then NeNe got to the juicy part of her blog. She began, “P.S. Oh Kandi, Gregg [Leakes] and I met in 1996! We didn’t know anyone sitting at that table, and that includes YOU! We married in 1997, and we didn’t know anyone sitting at that table, and that includes YOU! When I was a stripper, I didn’t know anyone sitting at that table, and that includes YOU!”

The OG continued, “The one thing you and I have in common is that we have owned up to our past. I own the fact that I was a stripper, which no one would have ever known if I didn’t speak on it. You know what I’m saying? Just like you own your past of sleeping with women and having a threesome!” If Kandi didn’t know what NeNe was saying at the beginning of her rant, NeNe sure made it clear.

NeNe concluded, “Most people would like to think that Gregg and I met in the strip club, because that sounds better than the way we actually met. Gregg and I are OK with whatever anyone thinks, because our past certainly didn’t determine our future. Look at God! You and I on the same show, sitting on the same couch! Won’t he do it?” Damn.

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