90 Day Fiance Tonight: Eric Rosenbrook & Kalani Faagata Face Their Disgruntled Families

90 Day Fiance Tonight: Eric Rosenbrook & Kalani Faagata Face Their Disgruntled Families

The situation for some of the couples on 90 Day Fiance seems so dire, we have to wonder what will becomes of them once the cameras stop rolling and the Instagram followers fade away. But tonight, a few of them try to turn their trainwrecks around.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima have been at odds nearly every minute since Larissa landed in the un-airconditioned hell of Colt’s world. Mother Debbie isn’t making life easier for the couple, so Larissa decides to confront the issue head on tonight. Will these two broads be able to live in Sister Wife harmony with Coltee from this day forward?

Eric Rosenbrook must also face the result of his piss-poor decisions, specifically in the form of one very hurt daughter, Tasha Rosenbrook. When Eric meets up with Tasha to explain his side of the story, Tasha doubles down on her disdain of Leida Margaretha. Eric still wants his kids to attend his upcoming wedding to Satan, but odds aren’t looking good.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson continue their mini-vaycay in Vegas, where they’ve flown to tie the knot. Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores attempt to rebuild their relationship after a blowup about Jonathan “abandoning” Fernanda, but it looks like Fernanda wants to make a rather large point before accepting Jonathan’s apologies. So she writes him a letter detailing her terms.  

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Over in Russia, the nightmare continues. Ugh. MAKE IT STOP! Steven Frend has some shocking news for Olga Koshimbetova, spilling a secret that he’s been hiding since they met. Hmm…could it be that he’s been sent here to unite womankind everywhere against him? Because, essentially, that’s what he’s doing for us! #SaveOlga #SaveBabyRichie

Finally, Kalani Faagata must face the fact that she still doesn’t know how birth control works, thus needs to tell her family that non-slut-person Asuelu Pulaa has successfully knocked her up again. Her sister, Kolini, does not take the news well. Shocker!

Tune in to TLC tonight at 7 Central/8 Eastern for an all-new 90 Day Fiance, and join us in the comments section to discuss the drama as it unfolds!


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