Larissa Colt roundup

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson seemed to be just another predictable 90 Day Fiance couple.  At first glance, Larissa would be the one with the upper hand. Because one would assume a nerdy and desperate looking Colt would do anything to be with her.

However, the power dynamic quickly changed when we saw “gold digger” Larissa didn’t have that much sway over Colt and his thrifty behavior.  Then it came to light that Colt was cheating with multiple women.  Those betrayals caused of most of their social media drama.  So in honor of the season finale, here’s a run-down of this couple’s most outrageous offscreen behavior.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Versus Debbie Johnson

This couple’s storyline is overshadowed only by the overly familiar relationship Colt shares with his mother.  There was bound to be some friction as the two ladies tried to exert influence over the most important man in their lives.  Earlier this month, Larissa accused Debbie of ruining her marriage.  She didn’t offer a coherent explanation.  Their living situation is surely enough of a reason.  Moving on.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s Children

Larissa never mentioned her children on the show.  She probably would have kept that info under wraps had her ex-boyfriend not come forward on social media.  In November, Marcos Hack revealed his sister is taking care of the son he had with Larissa.  Larissa also has a daughter by another man.  She plans to bring the girl to the United States once she gets her Green Card.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s Arrest

The fight that led up to this arrest occurred after Larissa publicly accused Colt of cheating.  This was the first time fans heard about his unfortunate behavior.  Larissa posted pleas for help on Instagram.  Fans called the police on her behalf.  Colt had a gun pointed at him, but ultimately Larissa ended up in jail.  In the end, the charges against her were dropped.

Colt Johnson’s Cheating

Earlier this month, Larissa went public with texts she received from one of the recipients of her husband’s flirty messages.  The woman claimed that Colt sent “dick pics to other women.”  Colt publicly apologized with an homage to former president Bill Clinton.  Then went right back to his sneaky ways.

Colt Johnson’s Dick Pic Breaks the Internet

This includes sending out explicit photos of himself.  Just after Christmas, one of those photos was circulated around.  That’s definitely a gift to avoid opening.

According to Us Weekly, an internet troll sent the photo to Colt’s mother Debbie.  Colt responded with a strongly worded message on his Instagram, “I think people are forgetting that what happened to me was technically a crime. I made mistakes in my relationship and I’ll have to atone for them sooner or later but that doesn’t mean you can release explicit images or video of ANYONE without their permission.”

Larissa Dos Santos Lima & Colt Johnson Make Up?

Despite the drama, Colt and Larissa spent the holidays together and even went out for a date night.  Larissa posted from the dinner indicating that she decided to stick by her husband.  She wrote, “when you truly you love someone you love them absolutely and completely. Through the good times and bad. It’s an agreement that when you have nothing you support them, when you have a weakness you help them. And when times are good you celebrate happily. My love for Colt is true and at the end of the night I’ll be next to him.”

It’s really a shame this couple skipped the reunion taping.  It would be nice to figure out what is actually going on with these two.


[Photo Credit- TLC]