Danielle Staub Says Estranged Husband Marty Caffrey Is “A Liar;” Marty Calls Danielle Out For “Horrific” Treatment

The split between Real Housewives of New Jersey OG Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey has been getting more vicious by the day. The couple’s May nuptials in the Bahamas was filmed for Season 9 of RHONJ. Still, it was clear from the beginning that this relationship was in trouble. The duo slapped each other with restraining orders in August, but they later dropped them. Danielle then retained counsel to end their marriage. Ahh…newlywed bliss!

Marty even listed the house that the newlyweds exes are sharing for sale, but allegedly didn’t tell Danielle. On January 3, Danielle had police remove Marty from their home when the cops arrived regarding a domestic disturbance call. Danielle claimed that Marty is inflicting “emotional torment.” Perhaps it isn’t a great idea to both live in the same house while getting a divorce (just saying.)

According to an article from TMZ, Marty believes that Danielle is playing the victim because of the negative social media attention that she is getting. Danielle told Marty that she is getting “terroristic death threats,” and apparently Danielle is blaming Marty for them. I don’t think that Danielle has any trouble stirring up internet drama when left to her own devices.

And as for causing his ex all that emotional stress? “That’s a joke … I don’t know what kind of mind comes up with this stuff,” Marty told TMZ. Marty also denied that he is not stalling the divorce proceedings, and he is considering taking legal action to determine whether Danielle can remain in the house. I think that Marty should have determined that from the jump.

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Danielle called Marty “a liar” in another article for TMZ. Shee also accused Marty of refusing to settle their divorce. “I believe Marty is dragging it out to keep it present in the media and torment me and further abuse me,” Danielle stated. She also explained that Marty is “toying” with her by tampering with things at their home. Marty is supposedly unscrewing light bulbs and turning off the heat. Danielle explained that her ex “disengages the garage bay opener so I can’t get into the home. He locks me out of the house.” Danielle also alleges that Marty “follows me around with defamatory comments about my past.” I wonder if he mentions that Danielle has been engaged 19(or so) times?

RHONJ fans have witnessed the terrible way that bridezilla Danielle treated the Jersey Housewives who were part of the bridal party. But don’t despair, Margaret Josephs, Melissa Gorga, and Teresa Giudice. You just may have an apology coming your way. Danielle stated on TMZ, “I am ashamed of my behavior and very embarrassed by it. They do deserve an apology, so I’m trying to do that now.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]