90 Day Fiance Season Six Reunion Recap: The Couples Tell All

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Dishes On 90 Day Fiance Reunion; Reveals Which Cast Member She Made Up With

Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s airtime on the first part of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All was a situation of quality over quantity.  Larissa and husband Colt Johnson definitely vamped up the energy upon their tardy arrival.  TLC showed just under four minutes of footage with them onstage, but it was the most memorable time of the hour.

Since the reunion Sunday, Larissa spoke with 90 Day Fiance enthusiast John Yates.  Larissa shared some behind the scenes gossip, who she got along with, and why she was at odds with some of her castmates.

Larissa claimed that her tardiness was due to stress about her legal situation rather than diva antics.  She said, “What they thought? Larissa and Colt want attention.  They delay for attention.  She think[s] that she’s a diva.  But it wasn’t it.  I was doubtful to show up because it was the time they talked about my kids. It was really hard for me to show up there.”

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Add to that, the lost luggage factor.  Larissa was missing four new dresses, shoes, and $400 worth of makeup.

Larissa and Colt had no idea what was being said about them by the other couples.  She described the atmosphere onstage, “I was so nervous. You feel in your skin all the tension. They looked to us like, I will kill her tonight.”

Fans were expecting tension between Larissa and Fernanda Flores because of their previous exchange on Instagram Jonathan Rivera was bound to get involved too for the sake of defending his wife. Interestingly enough, Ashley Martson had nothing to do with that argument.  Yet she was acting hostile towards Larissa as well.

Larissa described her experience with Ashley, “She tried to be my friend in Atlanta. I was like wait wait wait I don’t know you. She was trying really hard to be my friend. She talked bad about Jonathan and Fernanda. She say they are so jealous because we are in Atlanta and they are not. So I think that they might say bad things about us to them. I was really nice to her.  I give her advice, I was really sweet to them. But I will go slow to know you. And sometimes I’m kind of a person, if I have a problem I’m sorry I don’t answer sometimes the WhatsApp, iMessage. So maybe she thought I was being a diva and not be a friend.”

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During Larissa’s social media meltdown prior to her arrest, Ashley did offer her refuge in Pennsylvania. Maybe that was the message Larissa never responded to?  According to Yates, Ashley was watching the live video.  It would have been interesting to hear her side.

Larissa claimed that she cleared the air with Jonathan two months ago.  She sent an apology which Fernanda never responded to.  Jonathan confirmed that he and Larissa have made up.

Some of the cast had never met prior to filming the Tell-All.  Larissa described some of her first impressions.  She had positive things to say about Steven Frend and Eric Rosenbrook Leida Margaretha was nice to her and, apparently, “beautiful in person.” Shade? Or a compliment?

Unfortunately, for all us fans hoping for more drama during the rest of the Tell-All, Larissa said she was more subdued. She explained, “because what happens I don’t try to give my opinion about other people life. I was more quiet.”

Maybe Larissa is taking a more non-reactionary approach?  She claimed to be over the drama, “I don’t have anything against anybody.  I want peace. I have much trouble for my life so far.”

Mama Debbie also made an appearance to say hello.  It seems their living situation is still the same.


[Photo Credit- TLC]