Margaret Josephs’ Husband Joe Benigno Reveals True Feelings About Her Relationship With Her Ex-Husband

Most Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have enjoyed watching Margaret Josephs during her second season as a Housewife. She has shown that she has a big heart. Her love for children led her to create the Hospital Heroes hospital gown line for kids. Then she tried to have drama a mature friendship with bridezilla Danielle Staub (and look how that turned out!)

Now Margaret is on a mission to reunite her ex-husband, Jan, with his son. Margaret’s husband, Joe Benigno, thinks that Margaret’s close relationship with her ex is tough to deal with at times.

In a clip from the after show, Margaret shares, “Sometimes I think Joe might be okay if I had the typical ex-husband, ex-wife relationship…you know, where you don’t really like each other, you don’t hang out.” She added, “Jan’s like having a crazy uncle. And he’ll always be there. He’s my family.”

Joe explained his feelings about Jan in another clip with RHONJ’s Joe Gorga and Frank Catania. Margaret’s current husband stated, “He manhandled her around. He locked her in closets. If I had known about that when we initially met, I would have just…I’d beat him to a pulp.” In light of these revelations, I am not sure why Margaret wants to continue her friendship with Jan.

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A producer tells Joe B. that  Margaret said that he is like one of her close girlfriends and that she can share anything with him. Joe Gorga thinks that is great. “I think that is awesome, bro!” Joe exclaims.

Frank, who is an expert in tanning and having a successful marriage divorce with his ex-wife Dolores Catania, has a different opinion. “You could be best friends, but you don’t want to be like one of the girls,” Frank said. Joe Gorga  pipes up saying that Frank has called Joe “a p*ssy.”

I love it when grown men discuss their relationships in such a mature and respectful way. Kidding! This is Real Housewives of New Jersey, after all. Maybe Frank should stick to giving advice on tanning and lifting. Still, Joe admits that he is best friends with Margaret. “We became friends before we started dating. I was like best friends with her already,” he said.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]