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New dad and Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen made the trek back to New York with baby Benjamin Allen. Andy had been staying in Los Angeles prior to Ben’s February 4 birth to be readily available when his surrogate went into labor.

After a few days of California sunshine, it was time for the guys to return to NYC. Andy packed up his Daddy gear, his baby, and hopped on a private plane (PJ!) for the journey home. Because everyone has an opinion, he is receiving backlash on his method of transportation.

Andy shared a pre-flight photo from the plane on his Instagram.  Now he is being subjected to quite a few criticisms from licensed medical professionals the general public. From how the baby is held, to traveling by airplane, parent-shaming – it’s real! While a vast majority of Instagram comments were overwhelmingly supportive, the photo was picked apart and some commenters did not hold back.

“I don’t think that is a good way to carry a newborn Andy,” one Instagram user wrote. Another user stated, “That’s not a good way to carry a newborn. I hope Andy reads this post or tells him. Being a new dad he has a lot to learn.”

Speaking from personal newborn experience, if I wanted to do anything requiring the use of two hands, I had to strap my kid against my chest. In the interest of full disclosure, both of my children survived the Baby Bjorn with no life-altering side effects.

What about Andy’s choice of flying home? An Instagram commenter says, “Too soon for a baby to be flying. Ears will be plugged and pressure may cause swelling. I really hoped you received clearance from his physician.”

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Another user shared, “The baby is really young to be taking around everywhere like a show toy.” Perhaps Andy should have employed a Sherpa and walked back to New York City? Hired a driver and sit with Ben in the backseat for the entire journey? Please, sometimes driving to Target with a newborn is a lesson in futility, much less a cross-country trip.

For all intents and purposes, a private jet met the needs of travel for Andy and Benjamin. Ben was not exposed to the germs of a commercial flight. A private jet generally has no stops, layovers, or blocks of time when you aren’t in the air – so it was the quickest way to get Ben to New York.

Unsolicited advice is the bane of a new parent’s existence. Now Andy will get to experience the joys of being criticized with each photo or video he shares of Ben. A celebrity parent might be able to afford private jets, nannies, and an endless supply of fabulous onesies. Unfortunately, it also seems to give folks a license to comment on every move you make with your child.

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Until Andy dangles Benjamin over the open mouth of a shark, I won’t judge on how he raises his baby.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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