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Kyle Richards Shocked By Confrontation With Ken Todd

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills served us drama in the Season 9 premiere last week. It looks like the season centers around a nasty squabble between former (?) friends Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. Obviously, this is not the first time the two have shared a mutual disagreement. Still, the argument peaked when Lisa’s husband Ken Todd accused Kyle of being a “f-ing liar.” Then, he dismissed her from Villa Rosa.

We have never seen Lisa and Kyle go at it quite like this before. Could it be the end? Kyle discussed her side of the story and how surprised she was at Ken’s vitriolic reaction.

“I was very shocked because he’s always been kind to me,” Kyle told Us Weekly. She originally went to LVP’s house to hash out a feud viewers have yet to see. Kyle admitted she had no idea it would escalate so quickly.

She shared, “I really thought it was just going to be two girlfriends to talk through something and I never imagined it would get to that level ever, ever, ever.” She adds she was hurt by the confrontation with Ken because she has always been supportive of him. “Someone who was speaking their truth didn’t deserve that reaction,” she stated.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take a moment to greet this season’s new buzzwords. We have been down the road with, “my journey.” Then, we evolved into “owning it.” And now we are “speaking our truths.” Maybe next year we will roll out, “work in progress.” I am giddy with anticipation.

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Kyle does admit she is deeply attached to being a victim questioned having the dreaded conversation in the first place. She remarked, “In hindsight, I think maybe I shouldn’t have gone to their house, maybe I shouldn’t have tried to have this talk.” Maybe you shouldn’t have visited someone’s house and yelled at them under their own roof?

Perhaps Ken would not have been so incensed if Kyle had chosen another venue to “speak her truth”? These questions will remain unanswered for now because Ken and Lisa are currently ghosting Kyle. Kyle admitted, “It was really strange for me because I’m so close with them, and I haven’t spoken [to them] yet. I’ve sent a text and an email, but I don’t know if I’m blocked or supposedly blocked.” Alex, I’ll take BLOCKED for $1,000, please.

Kyle did confirm the incident at Villa Rosa was the last time she communicated with Lisa and Ken. While we don’t know what sparked the fire in Ken, we can assume he was backing up his wife. Loyalty, some people practice it. What I want to know is what this means for the future of Lisa and Kyle’s relationship. As it stands, it seems Ken and Lisa have wished Kyle into the cornfield. But don’t worry, she joins former houseguest Cedric Martinez and former costar Brandi Glanville.

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