Marlo Hampton Calls Eva Marcille A “Compulsive Liar”, Says She “Can’t Be Her Friend”

Why isn’t Marlo Hampton a full-time cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Seriously though. Marlo gives us consistent drama, humor, and shade. This season has been a complete and utter waste dull, but luckily we have Marlo. Most of this season’s memorable moments have revolved around her. Her over the top reaction to losing her luggage in Japan was GOLD. NeNe Leakes’ husband has cancer and Marlo was snapping about not having deodorant.

In addition to Marlo’s humor, she is always giving us drama. We almost died when she called Shamari DeVoe’s momma a bitch. Who can forget her 43-hour car ride fight with Eva Marcille in Tokyo? Maybe Marlo just dislikes the new girls (especially the full-time cast members)? How does this woman not have a peach yet? Her hilarious moments and epic fights have definitely saved this season. Marlo is also slaying off camera. What exactly does Marlo think of the queen of amnesia Eva? OH, THE SHADE. 

Marlo had A LOT to say about Eva on the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show. Marlo was asked. “Why do you think that you and Eva clash? Why is that?” Marlo responded saying, “You know what? I think that Marlata is just too much for her. Maybe she likes me.”

One one hand that could be entertaining. On the other, we don’t want another Kandi Burruss/Porsha Williams situation unfolding.

During the interview, Marlo turned to NeNe and asked, “You think she wants me?” Watch out Nene because Marlo might be the tastiest peach in Atlanta now! Bloop!

Marlo very explicitly stated on the After Show how she feels about Eva. Marlo said, “I like her picture on Instagram and I say hi to Eva, but I don’t trust Eva. Eva is a compulsive liar. She’s tried to get Kandi to buy her clothes and be Kandi’s girlfriend. She tried to be Porsha’s girlfriend, friend at first. Then she went to Kandi.” Don’t forget Missy Elliot!

Wait, is Marlo shading Eva for getting someone else to buy her clothes? Didn’t Shamari recently say the SAME thing about her? A lot of glass houses being built in Atlanta.

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The label queen even dragged NeNNe into the rumors! Marlo turned to Nene and said, “She started with you, then she’s back at you, now she’s trying to come to me.” Poor Cynthia. Apparently, Eva has no desire to take a dip in Lake Bailey!

In Eva’s defense, she probably forgot all of this. She’s suffered from chronic “shade amnesia” all season. Although it’ll never be as iconic as Porsha’s “Who said that?.”

Marlo’s reason for not being interested in Eva is classic Marlo. She’s not impressed with Eva’s less than glamorous habit. Marlo wrapped the interview saying, “Go over that and smoke a cigarette. I can’t even be her friend because if I did smoke cigarettes, it would have to at least have a rhinestone holder. She just smoke em normal. That’s not even fabulous. I’ll pass on her” “Something about her just isn’t right.”

OUCH. Marlo just emphatically read Eva for absolute filth. We wonder how Eva will respond to these comments. Give us something ladies. PLEASE save this season.

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The shade is real between the two Atlanta women and shows no signs of slowing down. Expect Marlo to come in swinging at the reunion to try and FINALLY secure that peach. Get it!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]