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Kim Zolciak Sued For Not Paying $215,000 Credit Card Bill

Kim Zolciak has never been shy about drawing attention to herself. Posting endless selfies and teasing about her latest cosmetic procedures. The Don’t Be Tardy star clearly enjoys being the center of the universe. And she loves showing off how she spends her hard earned money. From rolling with Rolls Royces to posing with her Speedo-clad hubby Kroy Biermann on a private beach, Kim seems to be living the good life. At least according to her social media.

Now, Kim is receiving some attention she would probably rather not have. She has been accused of being unfashionably late on a credit card bill. To the tune of six digits.

In court papers obtained by Radar Online, it was revealed that Kim is being sued for a whopping $215,925.90 on an unpaid American Express bill. American Express National Bank states that Defendant Kim was “obligated to pay the minimum payment due as set forth on that statement on a monthly basis.”

The bank filed the suit on November 19, 2018. I cannot even imagine what the monthly payments on that bill would be. Kim’s credit card balance is more than many people’s mortgages!

You would think that Kim would have an income that would allow her to at least make her monthly payments. Not only does she star in her own Bravo show, but she also has side gigs like KAB Cosmetics and a podcast. Not to mention she is constantly hawking products like tooth whitener on her Instagram. Maybe someone has been living a little beyond their means?

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The court documents claim  “the Defendant has failed and continues to fail to pay the amounts due and owing on the account.” Maybe Kim failed to realize that unlike plastic surgery, plastic credit cards have their limits. And their rules.

Radar Online also reports that Kroy accepted the summons when the Sheriff served it on February 9, 2019. Receiving legal documents might be one of the job description duties Kim has for Kroy, along with butler, chauffeur, and wrangler of red Solo cups.

How does one acquire a $215,000 American Express bill? Did Kim just forget to pay it? Over and over? Or maybe, like the rest of us, she went into Target to pick up a pizza and deodorant and left with more than she thought she would buy. Only instead of a cart full of extra merchandise, Kim, left with 500 carts filled with things she didn’t know she needed!

I suppose it is too late at this point for Kim to negotiate a deal with the credit card company. Like offering to wear their logo t-shirt and post it to her Instagram in exchange for knocking down her bill a bit. And having daughter Brielle Biermann post a similar photo to lower the bill even more.

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Kim joins a long list of reality stars who have been bedeviled by embarrassing financial situations. But I am sure she will find her way out of this mess. Maybe Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes could float Kim a high-interest loan based on her future Bravo earnings! At least until her next big venture pays off.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]