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John Blizzard Calls Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave “The Real Manipulator”; Shares Screenshots Of Her Trying To Get Her Brother On Vanderpump Rules

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave may be on her second season as a Housewife, but she’s making some rookie mistakes. Going up against Lisa Vanderpump is a daunting task. No matter how manipulative LVP may be, that’s not enough to turn the majority against her. No one can take down Lisa. No matter how many people have tried. Have any of them actually succeeded? Nope.

She arguably has the most loyal fans out of all the Real Housewives. She also has some very loyal employees. Between the LVP loyalists and John Blizzard, Teddi is up against a lot. Or at least that’s the case on social media. Get ready for more “textesses,” as so many Bravolebrities like to say. Why can’t anyone on this network correctly pronounce the word “texts”? Anyway, I’ve digressed. Let’s get to the latest piece of evidence in the never-ending dog drama.

Vanderpump Dogs employee John Blizzard shared a screenshot of a text conversation he had with Teddi. Along with the screenshot, he wrote, “… because we are in the business of leaking text messages… #TheRealManipulator”

In  the conversation, John texted Teddi, “Hannah wants to know if your brother is single.”

Teddi responded, “Yes my brother is single.” She followed that up with “And ready to mingle.”

Then, John replied, “‘How old and why have you not set him up with me’- Hannah”

Teddi told him, “Because I am booked up trying to get his ass on Vanderpump Rules.” Is that why she was so loyal to Lisa at first?

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The accountability coach quoted John’s tweet and added, “Thanks for confirming that my brother and Hannah were not a thing when we filmed at Vanderpump Dogs. And obviously when I asked Lisa to interview Hud ON CAMERA my intentions were clear.”

This prompted a “fan” to ask “When you asked her on camera, you said he needed a job. On the text you said you were trying to get him on the show. Which is it? Guess Lisa was good enough to ask for a favor.” In response, Teddi explained, “When you film asking for someone to interview for a job and it’s organized through a production company it’s both.”

In another tweet, Teddi clarified that the conversation John Blizzard shared was before they filmed the infamous scene at Vanderpump Dogs with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.

Teddi told another viewer, “We shot at Vanderpump Dogs on Aug. 2nd. I shot w/ Lisa on Vanderpump Rules about Hud in June, which shows I was being a bit cheeky in my response to John Blizzard.”
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Once again, someone on this show shared an out-of-context screenshot. This could mean whatever anyone wants it to mean. The LVP Stans Teddi haters can view it as concrete proof that she truly is the “real manipulator.” Teddi supporters (and Teddi herself) can rationalize it to be an innocuous conversation.

Whether you are a diehard LVP fan or you’re rooting for Teddi to prevail, everyone can agree on one thing. We need a new storyline on this show! ASAP.


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