Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Apologizes For Her Actions In Relation To Puppygate

I feel like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was told to take it up a notch this season. Last year, she was super chill. Her main conflicts were upsetting Dorit Kemsley for using the wrong stemware, and upsetting Erika Girardi because she has a famous dad. Also knowing nothing about fashion. 

This season, Teddi 2.0 showed up. And she came in hot! All glammed up and gunning for her former friend, Lisa Vanderpump. After all, a storyline against Lisa equals more camera time. Hence #puppygate was born. And like a dog with a bone (sorry, I had to), Teddi is not letting go anytime soon.

In her Bravo blog, Teddi opened with taking accountability for her actions. She must have finally taken her accountability coach refresher quiz. Teddi said, “I know some fans are confused, upset, or tired of this dog mess.” Ya think? 

She continued, “I should have come clean with the entire group of women the first chance I had (I did tell Kyle [Richards] everything and show her all the texts in the Bahamas). I should’ve shared all of the information up front. I did not, I regret that, and I apologize.” Shoulda woulda coulda! 

Teddi wrote, “I will continue to keep telling my side as long as LVP continues to lie.” Please don’t. She then said, “I know and acknowledge all the wrongs I’ve done. She will not.” If Teddi is expecting an apology or admission of wrongdoing from Lisa, she will have to wait for hell to freeze over. Just ask Eileen Davidson. 

She then shared a long list of examples nitpicking what Lisa said on the show. Teddi wrote, “So LVP has John Blizzard come to her home (how she got in contact with him since she doesn’t ‘have any communication with John Blizzard, ever. I don’t even have his phone number’ as she said verbatim last week, remains a mystery) to prompt him to lie for her, oops, I mean set the record straight.”

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Then Teddi shared screenshots of her texts with John trying to debunk his admission that he put words in Lisa’s mouth. She said, “Just last week Blizzard and LVP were trying to spin this text that he was saying “idk” to me asking that Lisa told him to tell me. Strange how that works.” 

Regarding the scene where Lisa showed the texts to Kyle and Dorit, she said, “LVP: “I didn’t know Teddi knew at the time.” But then she admits (again) she told Dorit I knew. Huh? So you did know or you didn’t know?” Honey, no one cares at this point.

And she goes further down the rabbit hole. Teddi wrote, “LVP: “John Sessa had no idea that John Blizzard and Teddi were interacting.” and “I’ve never spoken to John Blizzard.”… So she didn’t know that I knew but then told Dorit that I knew but never spoke to John Blizzard but also John Sessa had no idea Blizzard and I were talking, so how did she know that I knew…” Can we get off this ride?

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The madness continued. Teddi wrote, “LVP keeps saying she was trying to protect Dorit— but if she knew I knew, and knew I was coming, and both Johns were filming, shouldn’t she have texted or called me to make sure I didn’t say anything?” Again, wouldn’t that be manipulation?

She is trying way too hard to prove her innocence. If she would go back to being Teddi 1.0 and just chill out, I think she would have more people on her side. Time to take it down a notch, Teddi.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]