Dorit Kemsley Says It Would Take “An Apology” & An “Honest And Real” Conversation To Reconcile With Lisa Vanderpump

Last season the cracks started to form in Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship. However, this season it looks as if they’ve reached a point of no return. So far nobody knows exactly what happened with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. Nobody wants to accept accountability for this mess. Did Dorit really let Lisa know that she was giving the dog to another home? Is LVP “hell-bent” on getting this Dorit story out there?

We saw Lisa try to punish Dorit last season, so it’s not too far fetched to think she’s doing it again. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete proof against LVP. Hopefully, we get clarity on the situation at some point throughout the season. Things are looking rocky for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars right now, but maybe they can repair their friendship. Thankfully, Dorit is giving us her stance on the future of her friendship with Lisa. 

Dorit opened up toEntertainment Tonight about her friendship with LVP, and it was quite intriguing. When asked about a possible reconciliation she said, “You know, I’m an easy, easy girl to repair things with. It just takes an apology or a conversation that’s true and honest and real, and two people that want to. You know? And I’m always up for trying to repair something, always.”

Good luck Mrs. Kemsley! isn’t exactly known know for her ability to say “I’m sorry.” Ask Kyle Richards how well that worked for her. Dorit just kicked the diamond into Lisa’s court. Your move Bobby Fischer Lisa!

Although Dorit is open to patching things up with Lisa, she doesn’t seem to be any hurry to make the first move. She told Entertainment Tonight, “I mean, I’m not exactly calling her to do it.” Not calling Lisa is what allegedly got Dorit into this issue in the first place.

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Dorit teased that there is a lot more to come in the #PuppyGate drama saying, “you have to tune in and see the season because there is a lot that happened. And I think having this conversation now, it’s difficult to answer those questions when you haven’t seen it.”

WHEN DID REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS BECOME SOME CLUE STYLE MURDER MYSTERY? Seriously though. Look for Lucy Lucy Apple Juice: The Escape Room in a town near you. If you don’t solve in one hour, Brandi Glanville throws a glass of wine at you.

It’s not that surprising that the pair had a massive falling out. Last season, Lisa told Dorit to her face that she loves her mostly on the strength of loving her husband. Not exactly a solid foundation.

Dorit ended the interview foreshadowing the changing dynamics of the group in the coming episodes. She said, “It’s a very long season, too, so it’s jammed packed. There’s also a lot of fun, there’s a lot of new friendships, and there’s a lot of things that happen this season.

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AS LONG AS WE MOVE ON FROM THE DOG DRAMA, WE WILL TAKE ANYTHING. Hopefully, Brandi and Kim Richards cameo’s later in the season shake things up. They tend to cause a commotion wherever they go.


[Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo]