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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Says Lisa Vanderpump & Dorit Kemsley Drama Is “About Making Your Friends Look Bad” NOT About The Failed Dog Adoption

Last season, Lisa Vanderpump referred to Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave as her “little Teddi bear.” After this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season, LVP will never say that again. Teddi (and allegedly Lisa) was in on a scheme to expose Dorit Kemsley for a failed dog adoption.

Now, Teddi is coming out guns blazing against the RHOBH OG. Is Teddi going to make it out alive? LVP is playing chess while these other Housewives play checkers. Plus, she has a very avid fanbase. This is going to be a major uphill battle.

During a recent Watch What Happens Live episode, Andy Cohen told Teddi, “I couldn’t believe that Dorit forgave you so quickly. Were you surprised?” Teddi replied, “I think she knew it was the truth. It’s an even worse feeling when you know it’s the truth and it sucks.” So does this storyline.

Then, Andy called Teddi out when he said, “Also, you said in the Bahamas ‘I don’t lie. What I’m saying is the truth.’ So it seemed like…” Teddi didn’t even let Andy finish his sentence.

Teddi tried to do damage control said, “I was a little cagey in the Bahamas because the story I was told about the dog was gnarley. So, my response was gnarley because I was told a very different story which ended up not being the truth.”

Andy wondered, “And who told you that story?” Teddi explained, “I first got a call from John Blizzard and he’s like ‘Hey, Dorit is not calling Lisa back. So, she’s going to text her ‘Teddi knows.’ and it just all spiraled from there.” It sure did. Can they please talk about something else? Anything else at all? I even miss the fight about the champgne flutes from last season. Well, not really.

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Then, a caller asked Teddi, “Given how close you are with Kyle [Richards], does it bother you to see her laughing her ass off with LVP since the two of you are at such odds?”

Teddi answered, “Of course not. My relationship with LVP is my relationship. It’s not like a group mentality.” It’s not? This whole season feels like a group mentality.

After, another fan asked, “What exactly did you leave out that you said would ‘hurt Dorit‘?” Teddi shared, “When I was originally told the story, the dramatic story, I called her a narcissist.” That was it? How underwhelming. Still, Teddi insisted, “And I was feeling bad about it.” Alright, girl. That can’t be the real story, right?

Then Andy tried to find out what lies beneath the surface of the feud. He asked, “Do you think the beef with Vanderpump and Dorit is actually about the dog?” Teddi declared, “No, I think it’s about wanting to make your friends look bad.”

Is John Blizzard going to appear at the Season 9 reunion? His name is popping up left and right this year. A fan asked Teddi, “Have you spoken with John Blizzard since he met with Lisa and told her he put words in LVP’s mouth when he texted you that he wanted you to know about the dog.” She gave an odd answer. Teddi said, “I haven’t talked to John Blizzard. He texts random things still like ‘Happy birthday to [daughter] Slate’ and I see it on my Instagram, but I haven’t responded.” Except on Twitter.

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Switching it up from the dog talk, a fan asked, “How did you and Erika [Jayne] move past your issues from last year? Did you think it was shady of her to take a picture of her condolence note from LVP?” Addressing the note, Teddi said, “No. I think that she knew what was coming.”

In response, Andy remarked, “Wow, that’s incredible.” I mean, she was right. The note did come up. Now she has the evidence.

Answering the first question, Teddi recalled, “When we were at the reunion, we both said we were going to move on. We may have been white knuckling it when we said it, but we are of our word. We said we are going to move on and we did start getting to know one another.”

And then Andy hit her with the question the fandom wants to know: “What do you say to people saying you’re not practicing what you preach by not being accountable for your part in this right away?” Teddi joked, “I was still working out and eating healthy. That’s what I practice. That’s my job.” However, she did not actually answer the question. Expert level side step there, Teddi.

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