90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tonight: Ashley Martson Meets Up With Her Ex

They need to crank out these 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After seasons a lot sooner. At this point, it just feels silly watching all of this drama play out on the show when it was already so public in real time. Why watch Colt Johnson, Larissa Dos Santos, and Colt’s mom Debbie Johnson talk about making their weird relationship work? We already know that they broke up. Their divorce has been finalized.

Yet here we are watching Larissa talk about her concerns over her upcoming trial. Don’t get me wrong, the drama is great, but a lot of it is old news. Especially when it comes to Larissa and Colt. They do everything in the spotlight and on Instagram.

What else do we have to look forward to during tonight’s 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After episode? Elizabeth Potthast’s father pushes Andrei Castravet too far. This surprises absolutely no one. His financial contributions come with a lot of strings. And insults.

Nicole Nafziger’s continues to question her plans to reunite with Azan Tefou. As per usual, Nicole has zero questions. She sees zero red flags. And she still has zero dollars and zero marketable skills to earn some. New season, same story.

Chantel Everett receives some bad news about her husband Pedro Jimeno’s green card. Considering that these two have their own 90 Day Fiance spin-off show in the works, it’s safe to assume they worked out those issues so he can be paid for that show.

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Paola Mayfield still has issues with Russ Mayfield’s family members.

And then there’s some very interesting, and possibly contrived drama, Ashley Martson spends time with one of her ex-boyfriends. What about her husband Jay Smith? Of course, even with social media and other news updates, it is incredibly difficult to know where they actually stand and know what’s real and what’s just for publicity.

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