Camille Grammer Says Her Kids Were Upset When She Married David C. Meyer

Camille Grammer has come back in a big way on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has had a huge presence on the show and it is mystifying why she is not on full-time Housewife status. I assume her status might have been her choice as producers probably would have jumped at the chance to have her back full-time.

We have been treated to Camille at her snarkiest this season, savagely trashing co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave. And last week’s episode of the show was all about Camille’s beautiful wedding to David C. Meyer. She looked gorgeous and the wedding setting in Hawaii was stunning. Behind the scenes, however, not everything was as perfect as it appeared as Camille has revealed that not everyone was happy with her remarriage.

In an interview for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show, Camille admits that both of her children, Mason Grammer and son Jude have struggled with accepting David as their new stepfather. She says, “My son is very close to my ex-husband because it’s his father, I understand that. So I don’t know the psychology behind it, but it’s taking him a little longer to come around to David.”

Adding a new stepparent in the mix has to be difficult for most teenagers. Divided loyalties and changing relationships are sure to be challenging for the formation of a new family. Camille’s children had her to themselves for years after her divorce, and are now faced with sharing their mother with someone new. David also has two sons from a previous relationship, so Camille’s children have new stepbrothers as well.

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Daughter Mason also had difficulty accepting Camille’s marriage to David at first. Camille shares, “My daughter, in the beginning, she was hesitant because it’s mom and nobody wants to share their time with their mother. Even at the wedding, she was upset that I was getting married. It’s like, ‘Smile [Mason],’ and she didn’t want to smile. She was sad: she even cried toward the end of the reception, she was upset because she didn’t want to lose her mom…because she felt that she lost her dad when her dad got married. But I wouldn’t do that to my children.”

Camille must have felt conflicted on her wedding day–joy at her marriage, but concern for her children’s feelings. One thing she is sure of is that David is a good father to his own sons. Camille gushes, “David’s a great dad. He is hands on and I am so impressed with that. And that’s what I loved about him.”

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So, where do things stand today? Happily, the family is finally coming together. Camille says, “He’s [David] good with my kids; my daughter adores him. My son is making his way into that direction; he’s not there yet. It’s difficult blending families. This is a whole new journey for me.”

Kudos to Camille for her honesty in talking about her new family. Many people never discuss the very real difficulties in blending families and pretend that everything is fine. It sounds like the Grammer-Meyers family is working things out and coming to an understanding about their new relationships.

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