Patrcia Altschul Reveals She Was Never Supposed To Star On Southern Charm

We are a few weeks into Season 6 of Southern Charm and it has been great catching up with the gang. Other than this year’s departure of Thomas Ravenel amid a swirl of legal woes, everyone is back for more drinks, dish, and drama. And quirky Eliza Limehouse has been, shall we say, an interesting addition to the show! The season has started out low key, which is fine with me. Probably the most interesting revelation so far has been that Craig Conover has cleaned up his messy house. Which is kind of a miracle!

Matriarch Patricia Altschul was center stage of the first episode, throwing one of her formal dinner parties for people who aren’t always on their best formal behavior. It is difficult to imagine the show without Patricia as she adds class–and spot on commentary–to the series.  Patricia, however, recently revealed that she was never meant to be such an integral part of Southern Charm.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Patricia shared that she was originally slated to only have a small role on Southern Charm, created by her son Whitney Sudler-Smith. She says, “He did tell me at the beginning, just be on it for five minutes and that’s all you have to do.” Six seasons later, Patricia’s five minutes have turned into 15 minutes of fame that shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Which is a huge bonus for all the show’s fans.

Although Patricia could be the grandmother of Southern Charm’s younger cast members, she blends in seamlessly with her co-stars. This year, Patricia has befriended loose-cannon Kathryn Dennis after five seasons of mutual animosity–and she is someone who could desperately use a good role model! Patricia is also one of the few people man-child Shep Rose is consistently respectful of. And she has even mentored disorganized Craig in his pillow making endeavors.

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Caftan queen Patricia is now such an important member of the cast that she admits Whitney tells her, “Mother, please don’t talk too much. Watch what you say. Edit what you say. And, of course, I just say whatever pops into my head. But I think that gives him ulcers.” Please don’t listen to Whitney-we like you just the way you are, Miss Pat. Whitney can always take antacids for his ulcers!

When Patricia moved to Charleston, she thought she was going to live a life of leisure. She declares, “I came to Charleston to sit on my chaise and eat bonbons and read trashy novels…and now he’s (Whitney) got me working.” When asked if she ever thought she would be on television, Patricia states, “Never in my wildest dreams.”

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Patricia also dished a bit on the upcoming season and it sounds like we are in for a wild ride. She teases, “This one contains surprises that nobody could have anticipated and I think because of that, it’s gonna be the best season. When you say people can’t think this stuff up, it’s true in relation to this season. It’s going to be riveting. I can assure you it is anything but bland.”

We will hold you to your promise, Patricia! Let’s hope that the season is every bit as exciting as her hype. And not just bragging from the proud mother of the producer. Here’s to a great season!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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