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Kathryn Dennis And Patricia Altschul Discuss Ashley Jacobs’ Return To Southern Charm

During the first five seasons of Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul were mostly at odds. Patricia judged Kathryn for her often out of control behavior-and Kathryn judged Patricia for judging her. About the only thing the two seemed to have in common was Patricia’s son Whitney Sudler-Smith, whom Kathryn apparently slept with during Season 1 of the show. Which isn’t exactly a bonding experience!

Patricia also supported Kathryn’s ex Thomas Ravenel time and again over her during their dysfunctional relationship and breakups. But as they say, nothing unites people like a common enemy, in this case, one Ashley Jacobs, sometime girlfriend of Thomas. And probably one of the most-despised reality villains of all time. Last year, Patricia’s friendship with Thomas “un-raveneled” and she even called Ashley a fame whore and a gold digger.  Patricia’s falling out with Thomas helped her see Kathryn in a different light. Now the two are unlikely allies.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kathryn and Patricia shared their thoughts about Ashley and her return to Season 6 of the show. Patricia claims that Ashley was out to get her. Patricia shared, “She made no bones about it, she was coming for me. In fact, I think the words were ‘gunning,’ she was gunning for me. So, as we know, I don’t put up with any drama or misbehavior if I can help it.”

As all Southern Charm fans know, Patricia is not one to cross. Not only will you be permanently axed from her guest list, but she might also go after you on social media, like she did to Thomas last summer. Could that be why Ashley was “gunning” for Patricia? In the show’s season trailer, Ashley is even seen confronting Patricia, saying, “Patricia, the truth will come out.” I guess we will have to wait to see how that drama unfolds. And just what “truth” Ashley is alluding to.

Patricia also revealed that Ashley might finally get the justice so many fans think she deserves for her abhorrent behavior last season. Matriarch Patricia declared, “Let’s just say, I am happy with the end result of Ashley Jacobs.” That sounds a bit ominous and makes me a little gleeful!

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How will Southern Charm fans like seeing Ashley again? She spent last season disparaging Kathyrn’s mothering abilities and at one low point even called her an “egg donor” for her own children. Patricia teased, “I think that people that have problems with her, it’s going to be cathartic. The show is going to be cathartic, they’re going to like it.”

Social media maven Patricia is aware that many followers have not wanted Ashley back on the show, but she revealed, “Some people on Instagram are like, well, I’m not going to watch the show if she’s on there. But, it’s a mistake, because you will love the result. That’s all I’ll say.” OK, Patricia. I’m sold! I promise not to fast forward through Ashley’s scenes.

How does Kathryn, who was the main target of Ashley’s ugly behavior last season feel about her today? Kathryn simply stated, “It’s hard to come up with words to talk about her because she doesn’t make sense herself.” Which is about as good of a description of Ashley as I have heard. Kathryn also claims that Ashley is “obsessed” with Patricia.

Of course, we all want to know if Ashley and Thomas are still together. Kathryn said she is not sure, but in her most recent custody filing, she did ask that Ashley not have any contact with her children. Both women said they were unclear if Ashley is even living in Charleston right now.

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Patricia further clarified the status of Thomas and Ashley with some dish shared in her Entertainment Tonight interview. She said, “Let me tell you what somebody told me, they ran into Thomas, I think this was last week, they said, ‘Are you still with that woman?’ And he said, Well yeah. Who else am I going to get?” Ah, so romantic!

Kathryn echoed Patricia’s gossip about Thomas and admitted that he “has told her that before, too.” And it “is difficult for her to hear because she still cares about him.” It might be time to finally let go Kathryn-just some friendly, unsolicited advice.

So, how much of Ashley will we see this season? As she has no connection to any of the current cast, probably not a lot. And we all know that a little of Ashley goes a long way, so I am hoping her appearances are few. But if a couple of scenes of Ashley are what we have to put up with to witness her comeuppance, I am game!

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