Summer House Recap: Goodbye Summer, Hello Engagement

We made it to Labor Day weekend y’all! Somehow between the hundreds of cases of Whispering Angel, drunk fights & morning after make-ups, we’ve reached the end of Summer House. We know the proposal is happening tonight but before we get to that, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are setting up for their LoverBoy launch party. It’s the first time Amandas parents are seeing him since they found out about Kyle’s cheating. Of course, Kyle thinks this is the perfect time to ask her dad for his permission to marry him. Despite his best judgement, Amanda’s dad says he wants whatever makes his daughter happy. What a gem of a Dad.

The time has come to drive out east for the last time this summer. To celebrate the end of rosé season, they’re throwing an RIP Summer party. This cast will turn any occasion into a theme party. Before the funeral of summer party, the newbies aka Paige DeSorbo, Hannah Berner and Jordan Verroi hire a private chef to make the house dinner. Jordan makes a weird, vague toast. As Danielle Olivera says, we still don’t know you. I still can’t believe those two made out only a few weeks ago.

It’s Saturday morning, 85 degrees in the Hamptons and they’re setting up a funeral themed party. The only thing worse than a hangover from a day party is wearing all black in that type of heat. They all look insanely hot in their outfits, literally. In the backyard, aka the graveyard, Jordan reads a poem to hundreds of guests. It was cute but still doesn’t make up for how weird he was all summer long. This cast better have a reunion so we can get some answers from him.

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The party is pretty anti-climatic except for Kyle who’s having a mini panic attack knowing what he’s going to do in a few hours. He steals Amanda away from the party for their 3rd annual Labor Day date. I don’t think proposing to your girlfriend after she’s been day drinking for hours is the best idea but you do you, Kyle.

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Carl Radke‘s f**k buddy Kirsten came to the party and almost immediately went upstairs because she’s claustrophobic. I feel ya girl. Despite Paige‘s best flirting efforts downstairs, Carl’s made up his mind and is going to ask Kirsten to be his girlfriend. He brings her roses, a drink and asks Kirsten to be exclusive. She agrees. I guess I’m happy for him but I’ll always be #TeamPaige. Also, I’m pretty positive they are not together anymore but that’s strictly based off of my Instagram lurking. While the house continues to take pulls of Fireball, Amanda and Kyle set sail for sunset.


Moments before Kyle‘s gets down on 1 knee, the producers show us a highlight reel of Amanda and Kyle’s fights. I love how shady the products can be sometimes. As Kyle starts his proposal speech and drops to his knee, Amanda starts freaking out. With that crying face, she gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Jokes aside, Amanda seems like someone I’d want as a friend and if she’s happy, I’m happy. I just really hope Kyle can get his shit together.

Summer House Recap: Goodbye Summer, Hello Engagement

Despite all of his mistakes, Kyle did GOOD with that ring! It’s gorgeous and timeless and I’m only a teeny bit jealous. I love love and am only wishing these two the best in the future. Even though it may not be the best show on Bravo, I hope we get a season 4 filled with wedding planning and Carl chasing after another newbie!

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