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Summer House Recap: Double Standards

Welcome to Summer House where double standards are alive and well. According to Kyle Cooke, Paige Desorbo has been leading Carl Radke on for 2 months. If Paige has been leading Carl on then what was he doing to Lauren Wirkus for 2 summers straight? The hypocrisy is hard for me to wrap my head around. Then I remember I’m watching 35ish-year-old men act like 21 year olds. At this point, the visiting Vanderpump Rules crew seem more mature than the Summer House. Not sure who that says more about.

Before the night comes to a close, Hannah Berner and Jordan Verroi have a private chat on the patio. Hannah has hit her boiling point and I don’t blame her. For the last 2 months, Jordan has been elusive and hard to understand. She called him out for the outlandish stories and lies he continues to spew. What I love most about this house is even after a disagreement, they can put it aside and rage through the night. Paige leaves to go to Justin’s boat – I’d like a visual of this guy please and thank you.

It’s morning and Kyle is already drinking. On the way to their day excursion, the girls are in 1 car, the boys in the other. Carl tells the guys that Paige gave him a lap dance (commando) and told him she wants to f**k him. Ummmm, I don’t know Paige personally but after watching her, I doubt she said this. I’m sure we’ll hear more on this later. By later, I mean 2 minutes into this scene.

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Paige DeSorbo Summer House

Kyle attempts to apologize for being a douche to Paige the night before but ends up making it worse. Before Kyle can get a word out, Carl seems like he’s asking him to stop. Either he’s guilty of lying or doesn’t want to embarrass Paige? Regardless, Kyle repeats what Carl told him in the car to the entire group. While Paige is upset, the fight ends up being more between Amanda Batula and Kyle. She asked him last night to stop coming for her friend in public yet here he goes again. He’s drunk, can’t comprehend why Amanda could be upset and it’s awkward for everyone. Amanda feeding Kyle water to “sober up” is my nightmare. Having to convince your older boyfriend every weekend to drink more water is not a job for his long term girlfriend.

Kyle Cooke Amanda Batula Summer House

The people on these shows are on different pages and even though I live for the crossover episodes, they don’t make much sense anymore. Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder are talking babies while Lindsay Hubbard is still looking for her Mr. Right. Lindsay is starting to realize Peyman was a rebound, nothing more. Boy bye! Back at the house, we learn Carl is bringing a date to the house (Kirsten) and even Lindsay is skeptical. Does he actually like her or is it to make Paige jealous? While Carl and Kirsten are consummating in his closet, Tom Schwartz is heading to the hospital. His “behind” has not recovered from their trip to Mexico. Poor guy.

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Katie Maloney Tom Schwartz Summer House

Paige saved her best outfit of the summer for the perfect moment. She’s in the cutest two-piece pink set while meeting Kirsten and she’s not even fazed. I want to be like Paige when I grow up. The group hit the club and I don’t think Kyle has stopped drinking since 10 am. Through his drunk tears, Kyle confides in Stassi his plans to propose to Amanda next weekend. Stassi is shocked and says what everyone else is thinking. It’s probably not the best time to propose.

Stassi Schroeder Summer House

Amanda sees Kyle hysterically crying. They start to cry together and then burst out into laughter. Sometimes when you’re drunk, you go from sad to happy within minutes so I get it. Back at the house, Paige confides in Hannah she got a taste of her own medicine from Justin. He told her he wants to take it slow. I knew there was something wrong with this guy. If Paige can’t get a guy to commit, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

Hannah Berner Paige DeSorbo Summer House

In the morning, the Pump Rules foursome is heading home to LA. Unfortunately, these crossover episodes don’t even come close to when Kyle compared Stassi to Steve Jobs. Better luck next year. Next week is the season finale of Summer House! Carl may finally get lucky with Paige and Kyle asks Amanda’s dad for his permission to marry her.


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