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Sonja Morgan Opens Up About Her Drunk Night In Miami On A Recent Real Housewives Of New York Episode

For someone who drank as much as Sonja Morgan did a couple of weeks ago on  Real Housewives of New York she looked halfway decent the morning after.

But as we all have seen in past seasons, this is not Lady Morgan’s first foray into a black-out drunken night with friends.  

When Sonja first appeared on the RHONY scene she started off relatively composed with a penchant for hoarding interns and men. However, as the years have passed Sonja’s veneer has chipped away. Much like the paint on her townhome. And it has revealed an inherently sad, delusional woman whose more harmful to herself than anyone else.

This weeks episode of RHONY was difficult to watch.  The ladies first night in Miami held a disastrous dinner, which is par for the course for this group. And Sonja went from sober to bat shit crazy in 60 seconds. In an interview with Life & Style she opened up about the incident. And Sonja’s response is about as delusional as you would expect. “When Bethenny [Frankel] said to me ‘go to sleep,’ I was like ‘OK I’ll go to sleep’ but I have FOMO, I have fear of missing out,” she explained.

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“I was already asleep, I was already asleep at the table having a great time with my friends, I’m like ‘why do I have to go to sleep?’…and then it was like ‘OK I’ll go to sleep,” she continued.  I couldn’t follow that logic with a map AND a guide. Sonja noted that she had “never drunk rum” before. And that it “went down like water.” That paired with not eating didn’t help the situation.

Sonja also remarked that she felt as though she were in a safe enough environment to let loose. “…you’re out with your girlfriends and you’re renting a house and you have security and ya know, you’re pretty much safe. I don’t do that normally. It was a one-off moment,” she said.  Riiiigggghhhttt.  I like Sonja. But she is really going from bad to worse.  Say what you will about Bethenny she was the only one who hung around that night to make sure Sonja was ok.

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