Sonja Morgan And Her Co-Stars Discuss Her Sharing A Hairbrush With Her Dog And Her Love Of Wearing Diapers

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- Episode 1112 -- Pictured: (l-r) Tinsley Mortimer, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Barbara Kavovit -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

In a world full of eccentric Housewives, the Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan would be at the top of the unconventional list for her oddities. From living in a crumbling townhouse to “accidentally” flashing the audience at Luann de Lesseps’  cabaret show, Sonja is an idiosyncratic character who prides herself on her peculiarities. Nothing appears to be off the table for Lady Morgan.

Always the clown, Sonja is usually willing to do anything to draw attention to herself. Often fueled by generous amounts of alcohol. Or the desire for more screen time. You have to wonder, does Sonja have any limits on what she is willing to do–or share on the show? Maybe not, as she and her co-stars recently dished on two of her strangest habits.

In an interview for the Real Housewives of New York After Show, Sonja and her co-stars discussed a few of her quirks. One of which we recently saw during the ladies’ upstate New York trip–namely, Sonja’s sharing a hairbrush with her dog Marley. When asked about this, Sonja said, “Well, Dorinda [Medley] could tell you we share hot dogs, too. So yes, we share hairbrushes, hot dogs.” Does Marley prefer his kosher, with relish and mustard?

For her part, Dorinda thinks that Sonja sharing a brush with her dog is kind of–normal. She states, “Marley’s like half-human. He’s truly like, when you see him sometimes, he looks like a person dressed up in an outfit. It’s eerie.” Sonja agrees, “He’s a poodle. It’s true. It is eerie. He’s not a dog, really. Poodles are not dogs.” Well, if Marley is half-human, I hope Sonja has been responsible and applied for a Social Security card for him. And she has him properly registered for school. Private, of course!

Tinsley Mortimer and her mother Dale Mercer also sound off on the hairbrush topic. Tinsley declares, “I see nothing wrong with sharing a hairbrush with my dog.” Dale, agrees and says, “I would totally do it.” Tinsley admits, “I mean, I probably share a lot more than that with my dog. There’s nothing wrong with that. A brush, that’s no big deal.” Dale agrees, saying, “We’re real dog lovers, so we share.” Do we really want to know what else they share with their pets? Probably not!

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Of course, Luann had to get into the mix with her opinion on the matter, stating, “Let’s see, when Sonja’s not sharing a hairbrush with her dog, she’s either kissing one of us or she’s dunking her face in a bidet filled with ice.” Hopefully the kissing does not occur immediately after the bidet beauty treatment! But, the bidet talk leads us to another strange toileting habit of Sonja’s–namely, her fondness for wearing adult diapers.

Sonja was asked in the interview if she wears a diaper other than for her trips to the Hamptons. She reveals, “Well, you know, there’s no shame in my game, so if I need a diaper, I like to have one on hand. In fact, I kept the leftovers in my basement. You just never know when you need a good diaper.” As Sonja is experienced in dating young men who are just out of diapers–and more seasoned men headed into diaper territory–we probably can consider her a certified diaper expert.

As a connoisseur of adult protective devices, Sonja knows that all diapers are not the same. She shares, “I do prefer the purple or the black. You know, white you could just get anywhere.” Of course, Sonja can only relieve herself in public while wearing the best. If only Hermes made diapers!

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Good friend Dorinda thinks Sonja might be a natural to get her…feet wet in the diaper market, saying, “Why don’t you produce a Sonja Morgan diaper?” Great idea-as long as it gets beyond the mock up of a product box phase, like her Sonja Morgan toaster oven.

Sonja thinks Dorinda might be on to something, questioning, “Sonja Morgan diaper? If you’re going to take a bus ride and you don’t want to use the bathroom there, or you don’t want to blow up a hotel when you’re sharing a room with a friend and you happen to have explosive diarrhea, you need a diaper.” Maybe a toilet–or even a discrete bush–would be a more hygienic solution to explosive diarrhea, but no matter–this is Sonja we are talking about!

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Can you imagine if Sonja ventured into the adult diaper market? Oh, the possibilities!  A limited edition, gold-flaked diaper with the Morgan family crest subtly displayed could be a big seller. Maybe a line of stylish ladies diapers in designer colors–just in case one’s clothes fall off in public ala Sonja. Or a line of New York Housewife diapers for super fans. The only challenge with that would be determining whether or not to print their faces and taglines on the outside–or the inside of the diaper!


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]