90 Day Fiance Star Colt Johnson Has A Love Interest After Divorce From Larissa Dos Santos Lima

It’s his turn.  As far as social media posts go, all signs point to another rebound relationship for a 90 Day Fiance Season 6 cast member.  This group had its share of dysfunctional couples.  Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores separated over the holidays.  He recently started posting vacation photos with a new woman.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima had an epically dysfunctional seven-month marriage.  Colt filed for divorce after Larissa’s third arrest for domestic batteryShe quickly debuted a new man, Eric Nichols, in February well before they finalized their divorce on April 1st.  Meanwhile, Colt filled his Instagram pages with inspirational quotes and pictures of his cats.  Until now.

Earlier this week, Colt shared a photo with a mystery red-head.  They are sitting in his car and holding hands.  Presumably, Colt’s mom Debbie Johnson took the photo from the back seat.  In Touch Weekly reported on the flirty photo and some of her social media posts.

According to the Facebook group 90 Day Fiance: Uncensored, a woman named Jess came forward as Colt’s girlfriend and justified the relationship.  She wrote, “we are together for a while and only now the news are out there.  [Those] who know me [know] that I’m chill and have good intentions.  Wanna kiss girls? Do it.  I’m with him because I want and because he wants.”

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The post was in Portuguese and it’s speculated that Jess is also from Brazil.  She described her relationship with Colt, “he makes me laugh and he’s nice.  We like the same movies and songs etc. etc.”

Surely, Jess has Deb’s approval to date her son.  The real prima donna in Colt’s life will always be Deb, so does Jess really know what she’s in for?  Jess says that she knows all about Colt and Larissa’s relationship, and presumably Deb’s meddling as well.  She wrote of her predecessor’s marriage to Colt, “it was just a relationship that didn’t work and life goes on.”

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Larissa posted some encouraging words for the new couple on reality TV blogger John Yate’s Instagram page.  She wrote, “wishing happiness for them.”


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