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Kathryn Dennis’ Rental House Hits The Market For $1.8 Million After Southern Charm Cast Criticized Her For Living There

Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis, is really going places these days. She could be getting to these places in her Rolls Royce, because image is everything! Slammed for her spending habits by co-stars, Naomie Olindo has previously commented that the Roller was a “foolish” financial decision. Considering Kathryn’s on-going custody battle with disgraced former flame, Thomas Ravenel, Naomie was probably right. What, not everyone spends six figures on a car?

This season Kathryn also had a lovely new abode. In the chi chi “South of Broad” neighborhood of Charleston, Kathryn’s pastel rental would wind up costing the single mom a whopping $6,600 per month. That works out to an impressive $79,200 a year. Real estate agent and friend Cameran Eubanks said Kathryn’s new home was the equivalent of flushing money down the toilet. At first, Kathryn was hesitant to view her friends’ concerns over her bank account as helpful. She explained they really have zero concept of how she spends her money on the regular. But in light of her legal issues, which will never go away as long as Thomas is alive, Kathryn has changed her tune. Now, instead of movin’ on up like The Jeffersons, Kathryn is movin’ on out.

The much-discussed five-story townhouse, located in a very desirable neighborhood, has been put on the market for $1.8 million. In an interview with People, Kathryn explained her decision to pack up the U-Haul and beat it. “I’m just trying to be more responsible on the whole with my finances. That’s part of the reason why I moved out of the other house; because it was too large of an amount of money to be spending when I need to be building savings.” Right on, girl and good for you. But really, who honestly thinks about adult things like saving and investing money when you make loads of cash at a young age?

Unfortunately, Kathryn had to start adulting long before her peers. Being a mom of two, with a litigious baby daddy who is in the midst of sexual assault allegations, means most of her cash is going to lawyers. “The custody case is costing me a lot financially, so I’m having to adult officially in every way,” she explained. Thomas and Kathryn currently have 50/50 custody of their two children, Kensie and Saint. Kathryn is fighting for full custody while T-Rav waits for his assault trial to begin.

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Are you looking for a new pad in the Charleston area? Because this one offers four bedrooms, four bathrooms and over 2,800 square feet of greatness. The crib is also five stories – and to that I say, no thank you! Could you imagine having to clean that thing? This is precisely why people like Patricia Altschul employ folks who earn a paycheck to walk up so many steps.

According to People, Kathryn isn’t the only one seeking a change of scenery. Thomas has listed crime scene his polo haven, Brookland Plantation on Edisto Island for $3.9 million. The former politician has been busy pulling everyone but his mama into court, and obviously it is putting a dent in his pocket. Thomas owned the 4,284-square-foot estate for the past 13 years. Unfortunately, when you are being accused of raping someone and denying being an ALLEGED alcoholic drug user, the receipts are pretty expensive. Maybe T-Rav and Kathryn could split the moving bill.

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It remains to be seen where Kathryn will officially plant her roots, but her decision to move was wise considering her financial state. She has admitted to being a little wild in the spending department, but “caught herself” before going from South of Broad to South of Motel 6. While it is doubtful she traded in her Rolls Royce for a Honda, Kathryn is at least headed in the right direction. She remains committed to winning her custody battle and is still focusing on her furniture business. Much like the rest of Southern Charm viewers, Kathryn continues to wait for Whitney Sudler-Smith to admit that they did in fact hook up last summer. See, reality television stars are just like us!


[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]