New Documents Released In Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel Case, Former Couple Did Not Hold Back

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The continuing drama of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel is starting to read like a Jackie Collins book. Literally filled with sex, drugs, and flinging accusations. The two appeared in Charleston County Court yesterday, in the midst of a vicious custody dispute. The former Southern Charm couple share children Kensington and Saint Julien, ages 4 and 3, respectively.

Despite Kathryn’s recent request to seal records regarding the custody feud, she might have retained a victory in the ongoing battle. If you’re keeping score at home – after yesterday’s session, the redhead might be in the lead.

According to Daily Mail, last month papers were filed on Kathryn’s behalf that demanded T-Rav submit all records related to finances, social media, cell phone, and medical. BUT she wants them dating back to January 1, 2015, the year the alleged sexual assaults against Thomas took place. Thomas’ deleting finger might #allegedly develop a nasty blister. Thomas petitioned the court to negate Kathryn’s right to request material regarding events that took place before June 30, 2017. The appeal was denied by the judge who said he, “took a very liberal view of discoverable evidence”. Come again? A Southern judge taking a liberal view of something? Has Hell frozen over?

Now Thomas must submit potentially damning emails and texts related to the sexual assault case that resulted in his September 2018 arrest. It gets even better, Thomas also has to provide Kathryn’s lawyers material regarding the $200,000 “hush money” he made to Ashley Perkins. She was the Tinder date he had sign an NDA after #allegedly assaulting her as well.

After the hearing, Thomas’ attorney told Daily Mail, “The judge did deny Ravenel’s request that he not be required to produce information prior to the date of the Final Order.” Furthermore, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about,” the lawyer said without laughing concluded. Hopefully, Thomas has a chair propped up against his closet door, those skeletons are dying to come out. #allegedly

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Daily Mail  also uncovered court documents filed by Kathryn dating back to 2016. They label Thomas as having “extreme narcissism and anger management problems.” Stating he displays,”periods of impulsive and uncontrollable anger directed at critics, strangers on the street, and other persons at random times.” It’s also worth noting that T-Rav’s strange behavior is so well known in Charleston, there is a website devoted to restaurants he is no longer allowed to frequent. Public humiliation, your table is ready.

In the papers, Kathryn claimed Thomas once threw a soiree at his downtown pad with “illegal drugs present” and “informed fellow party participants while standing in the bathroom that mushrooms don’t show up on drug screens.” Who knew Thomas was a warehouse of knowledge on fungiculture?

In turn, Thomas filed a response claiming he had never been diagnosed with a personality disorder, but Kathryn “has been diagnosed with multiple health conditions, including but not limited to Bi-Polar disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, kleptomania, self-mutilation, and Cluster B Personality Traits.”

Thomas also claims Kathryn is not drug-free and has a “history of purchasing synthetic urine to pass drug tests”. But what about those blood draw bruises on her arm for her testing, did I imagine them? He goes on to accuse Kathryn of only being concerned about a storyline for Southern Charm. That’s a lot to go through for a storyline, am I right? You can view the documents here.

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Thomas announced his departure from Southern Charm last season as a result of the sexual charges against him. He currently has a suit against Haymaker Media and Bravo, who he (wait for it) blames for setting up his downfall. He claimed Kathryn was encouraged by the show’s producers to file her most recent request “for the purpose of providing dramatic material for the next season of Southern Charm.” No more friendship with executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mommy, Patricia Altschul! You know, folks who get on the wrong side of Ms. Pat always have a curious run of bad luck. Keep that martini voodoo away from me, thanks.

During all of this mudslinging with no end date in sight, both Kensie and Saint are undergoing therapy. I am thinking it too – why can’t these grown people suck it up and act right for their children? This is an expensive pissing contest and the kids are losing.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]