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Carole Radziwill Claims She Left Real Housewives Of New York After Many Arguments With Bravo Executives

The Real Housewives of New York is wrapping up its first season since Carole Radziwill left. Viewers remember Carole spending most of last season arguing with former BFF Bethenny Frankel.  With Carole being right about everything. And Bethenny being, well, wrong about everything. Because, we came to learn over time, Carole likes to be right.

Carole left RHONY in a blaze of her own glory, announcing she was leaving the show before the season even finished airing, which is a no-no in Housewife land. And she famously told Andy Cohen that he was full of sh*t at the reunion. At the time, Carole claimed she was leaving the show to pursue her journalism career. Recently, Carole revealed that there might have been more to it than that. Which we all probably suspected.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Carole dished on what initially drew her to the show–and what eventually led her to part ways with reality television. She stated, “It was a pretty interesting, weird, fun kind of thing to do. Even though I wasn’t used to speaking the way a lot of the women spoke on the show. I don’t like the name calling.”

Fans of the show know that Carole was no fragile flower and could sling mud with the best of them. During her time as a Housewife, Carole had an ugly dispute with Aviva Drescher, when she accused writer girl Carole of hiring a ghostwriter for her book. Which probably wasn’t true. And Carole and Luann de Lesseps feuded when she accused her of sleeping with her hired chef, Adam Kenworthy–which definitely was true!

Carole initially thought being on the show was a good fit for her, explaining, “I knew I wasn’t going to get drunk, black out or be naked…But I was kind of just having fun.”

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The black out drunk might have been interesting, but thank you for sparing us the nudity Carole! Although, honestly, that might have been preferable to some of the outfits Carole wore on the show–she might take the title for Worst Dressed Housewife of All Time. Carole’s Victorian matron frocks are best left to the 1800’s. And her tassel earrings are best left unsold at the local Hamptons craft fair.

Although viewers sometimes got the impression that Carole considered herself better than the other Housewives, she declared, “I never felt I was above the show.” Which may or may not be true. But, Carole did seem above the fray much of the time and her connections to her fellow Housewives often seemed superficial.

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As Carole went into her last few seasons on the show, she admitted that things started to change for her. She shared, “In the last two years or so, starting with the election, something shifted a little. I felt, ‘I don’t know if I want to be contributing to this conversation as much.’ ”

Or maybe Carole just didn’t like the way the conversations were going–which were not always in her favor. And if we learned anything about Carole, it was that she liked having things go her way. And being celebrated for running a marathon. Which never really went her way!

What shifted on the show that resulted in Carole’s departure? She admitted, “I was having tons of arguments–not with other cast members, with the executives at the network. It was time to go. They knew, too…Ultimately you do know when something is behind you.”

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So, Carole knew the door was closing and it was time to go. But did she close the door on her own? Or was she shown the door by Bravo? Bethenny claimed that the latter happened, but there is no confirmation of that.

If Carole was fired, would her ego would ever allow her admit it in public? We will probably have to wait for the writer girl’s next autobiographical book for the real truth–if indeed we ever find out.


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