Phaedra Parks Reacts To Kandi Burruss’ Claim That Kandi Would Quit If Phaedra Returned To Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Remember back to a simpler time on Real Housewives of Atlanta? When women could show off their thongs and tout the miracle of having a donkey booty? Phaedra Parks was a Housewife like no other. She was an expert on southern etiquette, all the while also being an attorney and working in the mortuary business.

For eight seasons viewers watched Phaedra and her drama-filled marriage to ex-con, and current convict, Apollo Nida. Their union gradually crumbled after the duo welcomed two sons into their family. Apollo landed in trouble again in 2014 and was sentenced to eight years for identity theft and fraud. He was released in June of 2019 but sent back to prison a few days later for violating the half-way house rules. Phaedra eventually divorced Apollo. Shocker!

Phaedra was involved in one of the most disgusting incidents on any Housewives franchise.  Phaedra told Porsha Williams that co-star Kandi Burrus and her husband, Todd Tucker, wanted to drug and sexually assault Porsha. It was revealed during the Season 9 RHOA reunion that Phaedra was the source of the rumor. She also acted as if it was true to Porsha and the rest of the world. Kandi was furious and Porsha was stunned that her ex-bestie had set her up. And just like that, Phaedra had to pack up her thongs and hand over her peach.

While rumors that Phaedra was hoping to snatch back a full-time position have been circulating, one Atlanta Housewife isn’t a fan of that scenario. Kandi told People that if Phaedra returned, Kandi would not. “No. You know, for me it’s like if that’s what they wanna do I’m fine, I’m cool but I just won’t be a part of that.” That sounds like a wise decision on Kandi’s part.

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In an interview with Daily Mail, Phaedra sounded off about Kandi’s comments. “I find it amusing, because if she is that concerned about me three years later, I must have really impacted her life. So I’m glad I touched her like that,” Phaedra commented. I am sure that Kandi wishes that Phaedra had never touched her by spreading the vile rumor that Kandi and Todd wanted to date rape Porsha.

“I know there’s lots of rumors swirling around about me returning to the housewives, but I haven’t had any discussions about returning,” Phaedra stated.

She added, “I never say never to any opportunities, but I had a good run and you know, I’m very happy right now.” Phaedra acknowledges that she hit a few milestones while she was an RHOA cast member. “I was on Real Housewives for eight years. Both of my children were born on air, my ex-spouse went to prison on the show.”

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She added, “I had a lot of big events happen in my life on there. So I’ve got a lot of great memories. “I would never say never, but I’m in a very great place in my life… and you see this glow.” Phaedra also has a new man in her life—actor Medina Islam. Perhaps he is responsible for Phaedra’s new glow?

Celebrity Insider reports that Kandi explained her position on Phaedra in another interview with People. Kandi feels that what Phaedra did to her is not easily forgotten or forgiven. “I just find it very sad that she has no remorse for what she did like she didn’t see anything wrong with that?” Kandi shared. “I feel like if anybody did what she did to me to her sons in the future — she would have a totally different outlook on the situation and so I think she should just rethink it.”

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