Emily Simpson Claps Back At Claims Her Season 14 Picture Was Photoshopped

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Season:14 -- Pictured: Emily Simpson -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

We are now officially in Housewife transition time–that period when our favorite shows are winding down with reunions and before the new seasons of shows begin. New trailers and photos are released to help build the excitement for the upcoming season. We all want to see who is coming back, what they are wearing and what their promo photos look like.

Of course, some people love to speculate on just how much the ladies have been Photoshopped in their individual and cast photos. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Emily Simpson recently took some social media flak for one of her Season 14 promotional pictures. Outspoken Emily decided to flak back.

Emily posted on Instagram, “For you assholes out there who feel the need to make derogatory comments on my figure “photoshopped to look like 50 pounds were taken off” in reference to the Season 14 #rhoc promo pic…here’s the raw, untouched photo taken with my iPhone by my makeup artist. Looks exactly the same to me. This dress is a size Medium.” Emily shared a photo of herself in a blue dress with her followers.

One of the downsides of becoming a Housewife is that everyone will have an opinion about you–whether you like it or not. Understandably, Emily did not appreciate the unsolicited feedback about her body from some posters.

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Further clarifying her point, Emily explained, “I’m not sure if you all know this but I’m a woman, I have curves and they are frikin’ hot and amazing …but I’m also a human and I have feelings too. Why so many of you feel the need to say downright mean, cruel and vicious things.. I truly will never understand it. I hope you find some happiness and peace someday so that attacking someone’s looks and being so vicious doesn’t come so naturally to you.”

Few people would quibble with Emily’s point. Anonymously criticizing someone for their looks online is low hanging, bitter fruit. Do some people believe the Housewives are fair game for any criticism because they often make each other fair game during the season? Even Emily herself has been blunt in her assessments of co-stars like Shannon Beador. Criticizing someone’s actions or behaviors might open the door to criticizing their appearance.

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The RHOC ladies have been a little more open than some other franchises about their cosmetic refurbishments–Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd and Shannon have all shared their plastic surgery experiences with fans. So, posters might feel a little more emboldened to make comments about the casts’ appearances.

Wrapping up her thoughts on the Photoshop allegations, Emily declared, “So for all you mean-spirited, cruel and vicious jerks out there…please SWIPE left and kiss my unretouched perfect ASS! ” An unretouched perfect, size Medium ASS!

Of course, Emily has a good point about the negative social media posts that sometimes float around about the ladies. But, let’s be honest–the Housewives sometimes look virtually unrecognizable in cast photographs. Photoshopping people to the point they are unrecognizable gets a bit ridiculous.

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Isn’t there a happy medium where people can look their best in photos–but still look like themselves?

This is not Emily’s first time defending herself on social media. She recently addressed some misinformation about her age coming up as 11 years older when she is Googled. Let’s hope Photo-Gate and Age-Gate are subtle signs that Emily will be RHOC’s truth cannon this season. With back up from outspoken House Hubby Shane Simpson!


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]