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Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Failed To Inform Thomas Ravenel Of Car Accident While Kids Were In The Car

Hey, you know what you shouldn’t do while embroiled in a nasty custody case with your ex? You shouldn’t help them in their fight to take your kids away.

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis and ex Thomas Ravenel have been going back and forth about who is the more irresponsible parent. And unfortunately Kathryn just gave Thomas more to work with.According to court documents obtained by YahooKathryn was recently involved in a car accident while her children were in the car. In a collision report obtained by ABC4 Kathryn was traveling along Highway 17 around 4:50 pm when she became distracted by her children. “Her vehicle then struck a guard rail before hitting three trees and two light poles and coming to a rest on the southbound side of the roadway.” Thankfully everyone was wearing seat belts, and both children were in car seats, so no one was injured.

However, Thomas is claiming he was never told of the accident, and that he would have liked to have been informed by Kathryn and is extremely upset he wasn’t. So be prepared for another complaint to be filed against her.

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I can understand why Kathryn would not want to tell Thomas what happened. He has launched an all out attack against her. He’s claimed she was working with the nanny to conspire against him. He’s also claimed she went to rehab to cover for an abortion, and has had sex with multiple men. For her part  has claimed Thomas threw a Christmas tree at her and also fell into a pool while holding their daughter.

Still, Thomas just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Kathryn has been open about her struggles with her addiction. And her working to overcome those struggles in order to get her children back.  While Thomas has made it very clear he will do anything he can to take her down. He’ll even draw in other cast members from Southern Charm to do it.   Patricia Altschul has been ordered to give a deposition.  And now Danni Baird has become involved with their custody battle.

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Sadly, Kathryn is also having to deal with the loss of her mother to cancer. And if Thomas is the man we all think he is he may use this time to attack her at her weakest. Even if Kathryn had told Thomas she had been in a car accident he would still use it against her.  But at least she wouldn’t have appeared to be hiding things from him. And that is the type of thing Thomas salivates over.

She has no control over what he will do, but she does have control over her actions.  Hopefully, Kathryn can remain strong during this time.

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