Danni Baird Gets Caught Up In Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Custody Battle

There are few reality stars that are almost universally liked. Southern Charm’s Danni Baird is one of them. Although she is not a full-time cast member, Danni leaves her mark on the show by being kind, gracious and loyal. Unfortunately, Danni is not always treated the same way. Loud-mouthed Madison Lecroy alleged on a recent episode that Shep Rose had given Danni chlamydia when they dated. No one deserves that, especially not Danni.

Danni has also been a loyal friend to Kathryn Dennis through the years. Even when her co-stars have not supported Kathryn, Danni has been at her side. Recently, their friendship got Danni caught up in the Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel custody battle drama in a way she probably never expected.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Danni filed a declaration under oath in June to support Kathryn. Thomas had accused Kathryn of letting their daughter Kensie watch an episode of Southern Charm after he saw an Instagram video with the show playing while she was in the room.

In her declaration, Danni states, “On June 12, 2019, Kathryn Dennis and her children came to my house to visit because I hadn’t seen them in awhile and the kids wanted to play with my dog, Lucy.” She went on to say, “This was on a Wednesday night when the latest episode of Southern Charm was on tv, but we weren’t watching it. We were just having a great time hanging out, playing with the dog, and playing games.” Sounds innocent enough. Even for suspicious Thomas.

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Danni further explains, “We had been talking about how tired we were of people reaching out to us on social media about the status of our friendship since we had been fighting on the show the week before. We also knew that the episode airing that night has more scenes with us arguing, so we decided to make a short video for Kathryn’s Instagram story.”

In The Blast documents, Danni went on to say, “In the video, we explain that everything is good between us now and that we’re still great friends. You can see Kensie was in the background sitting beside me, but she was not watching the show. We only turned the tv on briefly to have it playing in the background of our Instagram story.”

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Thomas apparently got wind of the video and decided that Kensie must be watching Southern Charm. He said, “In the episode, Kathryn is featured crying about the criminal charges made against me, worry about being a ‘single mom’ and wondering how she was going to tell our children.” He also claimed that he texted Kathryn that he did not approve of the children watching the show, saying he doesn’t want his children exposed to Southern Charm.

Danni further states in her declaration, “It was a spur of the moment decision to make the video while Southern Charm was airing because we knew that a lot of people watching the show would also be following her on Instagram at the same time.”

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But was Kensie really watching Southern Charm? To further clarify the matter Danni said, “This wasn’t some kind of “watch-party” and I’m sure Kensie wasn’t even paying attention to the show because she was so focused on our game of tic-tac-toe. As soon as we finished making the video, we turned the tv off.”

Does anyone really think that Danni would participate in a video involving Kensie watching an episode of Southern Charm? Probably no one–except for Thomas.

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Danni went on to declare, “I know that Kathryn does not allow either of her children to watch Southern Charm. In fact, whenever I’m at her house and the kids are there, the television is rarely even on.”

So, one more legal maneuver in the ugly custody battle between Thomas and Kathryn. Accusations of substance abuse, poor parenting and violating court orders continue to be filed in the case. The sooner this matter is resolved, the better it will be for everyone involved. Especially Kensie and Saint.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]