Kathryn Dennis Claims Thomas Ravenel Launched A Decorated Christmas Tree At Her & Drunkenly Fell In A Pool Holding Their Daughter

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Kathryn Dennis hasn’t been talking much smack about former boyfriend Thomas Ravenel. But that hasn’t stopped the ex Southern Charm star from constantly running his mouth about her. Thomas is on a mission to discredit the mother of his children so he can avoid paying child support win sole custody of their two children. He accused Kathryn of substance abuse during her pregnancy. He implied Kathryn had an abortion, though it has nothing to do with how she parents her kids. Thomas has also suggested Kathryn did drugs with Bravo producers.

Amid each of Thomas’ claims against her, Kathryn has had limited response. Her attorney has not had a day off in months, thanks to T-Rav. At this point, Thomas is liable to call Kathryn into court for properly dressing herself or eating three meals a day. Now Kathryn is ready to end speculation that Thomas is the more “appropriate” parent. Looks like T-Rav needs to have his denials on stand-by because now that he’s poked the bear, he has to watch out for Kathryn’s claws.

Kathryn is not perfect, but she hasn’t been accused of sexual assault. Ahem, twice. The mom of two has been fighting every accusation Thomas hurls her way. While T-Rav flexes his wallet in court, his past is coming back to haunt him. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kathryn continues her battle for primary custody of Kensie and Saint. Kathryn is laying it all out in a newly filed declaration and she is dropping some bombs.

The papers show Kathryn claims to have maintained sobriety for two years, despite Thomas using an ALLEGED positive drug test against her. He is seeking sole custody of the kids based on these results. Kathryn’s lawyer has denied her drug use and stated CBD oil was the cause of the positive result. A medical professional also provided paperwork supporting this theory. Kathryn might be Sober Sally but according to her, Thomas is a total lush. She advised the courts Thomas has a current drinking problem and has multiple receipts from people to back it up. Also available to back it up, the numerous times he drank and acted belligerent on-camera…

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Then Kathryn goes into the “worst experiences” during her relationship with Thomas. She implied Thomas acted “like a monster” when they were together. Kathryn wrote, “I was in love with Thomas, and we would have good periods in our relationship mixed by very bad periods”.

She said, “He liked to control me and when we got into arguments, typically after he had been drinking too much, and he’d throw me and Kensie out of the house late at night or in the early morning hours.” We have no way of confirming this, but viewers of the show saw Thomas become forcibly agitated several times and lash out at co-stars.

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Kathryn also addressed situations she would rather forget, “the time that we had a pool party and Thomas was so drunk while holding Kensie that he fell into the pool with her as a baby and I had to jump in to grab Kensie.” Kathryn stated one Christmas, Thomas launched a fully decorated tree at her, which is certainly not a good example of holiday spirit.

Kathryn then recalled an ALLEGED occasion where after she refused sexual relations, Thomas masturbated on her back while she was asleep. Then my darlings, Kathryn gave us a gift. Wrapped in beautiful paper, with an extravagant bow. On that same evening, Kathryn made a surprising discovery about the father of her children. Take a big sip of wine and clutch your pearls, “I also discovered that he had been watching muscleman porn that night.” Let’s revisit that, shall we? “I ALSO DISCOVERED THAT HE HAD BEEN WATCHING MUSCLEMAN PORN THAT NIGHT.”

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Friends, knowing my journalistic integrity is at risk, I took it upon myself to research MUSCLEMAN PORN for you and it’s exactly what you think it is. Is Thomas on a spiritual journey to washboard abs?

Kathryn has accused Thomas of being violent on multiple occasions. She stated he ripped clothing, threw a lamp at her, and tossed an ashtray at her face. Kathryn hopes the admission of these unsavory claims will encourage the judge to award her primary custody. Also, muscleman porn. She has requested the court forbid Thomas from wearing Speedos drinking alcohol around the kids.

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There has been no ruling regarding Kensie and Saint. In between Thomas’ obsession with character assassination, he waits for his sexual assault trial to begin. With the new information provided by Kathryn, T-Rav has a few new things to address. Hopefully, the judge questions Thomas on a possible secret stash of Muscle & Fitness magazines, along with a hidden abundance of bodybuilding self-tanner.


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