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Kathryn Dennis Violates Court Order By Letting Boyfriend Sleep Over While Kids Were Home

Kathryn Dennis Violates Court Order By Letting Boyfriend Sleep Over With Kids

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis has had a rough few years.  She has suffered from depression and anxiety, addiction, and a toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy, Thomas Ravenel.  She had two small children at a young age.  She lost custody of those children.  Even with all that, the thing that upsets me the most for her is that she slept with Thomas.  Gross.

Kathryn does seem to be trying to get her life together.  Following her trip to rehab, she appears to have gained perspective and is living a healthier lifestyle.  She regained custody of her childrenShe even has a hunky new boyfriend, a country singer named Hunter Price.

Speaking of Hunter,  Yahoo Entertainment reports that Kathryn violated the terms of her custody agreement with Thomas.  Apparently, Kathryn and Thomas’ custody order states that Kathryn cannot have a member of the opposite sex sleep over while the kids are in her home.  Kathryn doesn’t seem to let a pesky ‘ole court document get in the way of her getting some, because Hunter slept over while the children were in her home.  Another day, another Brovolebrity who thinks that a court order is a mere suggestion instead of, well, an order.

In the never-ending battle for custody of their children, Kensington and St. Julien, Thomas hired a private investigator to follow Kathryn.  Apparently, the private investigator discovered the slumber party and Thomas brought it up as evidence in the custody case.  Oh, look!  Another thing for Thomas and Katheryn to fight over!  Those kids are going to need so much therapy and not just because their names are Kensington and Saint.

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Frankly, if I was the judge in their custody battle, I’d be more worried about Thomas’ judgement for hiring the PI, than Kathryn’s for having her boyfriend over.  Kathryn is on reality tv.  There are cameras following her every move.  She is papped.   Hiring a PI feels… excessive.  If she’s doing something wrong, she’s probably going to get caught without your PI, sir.

For her part, Kathryn does admit her transgression, but justifies it by saying that Hunter is a good influence, does not drink or do drugs, and his sleepovers did not harm the kids in any way.  Kathryn, you might need a little refresh on the meaning of the word “order.”  It doesn’t mean “you shouldn’t do this thing you want to do unless no one is getting hurt and everyone is sober.”  It means “you can’t do this thing you want to do, no matter how much you want to do it, and no matter how much you justify it.”

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She also said that when Hunter slept over, he slept on the couch.  LOL.

If even five percent of what Kathryn and Thomas have accused each other of over the course of this custody brawl is true – drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, bizarre porn, not to mention the sexual assault allegations happening independently of the custody battle – then neither one of these knuckleheads are fit to parent.  Maybe the judge should just give custody to Craig Conover.   At least then they’d sleep comfortably on a bed of artisan pillows.


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