Kathryn Dennis’ Mother Goes To Court; Claims Thomas Ravenel Drugged Kathryn

While the rest of the Southern Charm cast attempts to recover from the wrath of Madison LeCroy, one thing remains consistent: the never-ending custody battle between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. Thanks to a decision to unseal the records in Thomas and Kathryn’s legal feud, the media has been saturated with every petty move Thomas the couple makes.

Thomas has recently requested full custody of Kensie and Saint, based on a drug test Kathryn allegedly failed. Kathryn has been upfront about substance abuse issues, but fully denies the recent accusation. Thomas has also subpoenaed everyone but Michael the Butler to testify regarding their relationships with Kathryn. For the most part, Kathryn has remained mum on the struggles she faces behind the cameras. Blocks of time with Thomas that have been revealed are disturbing at best. Now Kathryn’s mom is going in to defend her daughter, and she has some allegations of her own to expose.

Where are the kids when T-Rav is clearly on the phone with his attorney all day? Now we are seeing Kathryn’s mother, Allison Dennis, enter the Thunderdome. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Allison shared Kathryn and her children have a “very loving relationship”. She also addressed allegations from Thomas that she “does all the work”. “I realize that Thomas is going to try and imply that I do everything for the children of Kathryn, but that is not true,” Allison said.

Kathryn’s mom also commented on Thomas’ parenting style. She stated, “Thomas has shown a propensity to be unable to take care of the kids by himself.” She added that he usually has help when the children are in his care. I wonder if Thomas has a problem hiring nannies these days?

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Allison then touched on Thomas going full stalker hiring a private investigator to follow Kathryn. “It is rather creepy to know that he has performed so much surveillance of Kathryn and myself.” Can we all agree that “creepy” is a bit of an understatement? Thomas has also requested Kathryn’s medical records and recently accused her of having an abortion during her rehab stint.

The documents also state Allison found it “unforgivable that Thomas went on Southern Charm and stated that he didn’t know if Saint was his child or not, but then went on to self-servingly claim that he would take care of Saint.” According to Allison, Thomas already had the results of the paternity test when the scene was filmed.

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Allison addressed some of the more sinister things she witnessed. She confessed, “I unfortunately still remember numerous other incidents during the 2014-2015 that were extremely disturbing regarding Thomas’ conduct. There was an incident where I was downstairs with Kensie in the living room and heard noise coming from the bedroom (headboard banging against the wall) and obviously knew what was going on.” We know a bit too much about this former couple. After losing my appetite over graphic details, I’m down three pounds…

Allison implied Thomas drugged Kathryn during those times. ALLEGEDLY. She says, “Thomas came out afterwards and left. I went to tell Kathryn something and she was dead asleep. When I was finally about to wake her up, she remembered nothing. My perception was that she had been drugged by Thomas. I also remember when Kathryn told me that Thomas had masturbated on her back while she slept solely because he was mad at her for turning down his request the night before when she was tired.” Bye, bye lunch!

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Kathryn attached a report from a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem. The guardian mentioned Kathryn’s time management skills, but said it is not believed Kathryn needed supervised visitation. The report also confirmed Kathryn’s ability to handle custody. The document also noted Thomas’ drinking habits. There are many witnesses who “all attest to Father’s bizarre behavior after he consumes alcohol.” It has been requested Thomas refrain from drinking around the kids. Maybe Thomas is the one who needs rehab? If one is banned from certain restaurants, it could very well indicate a problem with alcohol. Just saying.

The custody case between Kathryn and Thomas continues. No word on when Thomas will finally go to trial for sexual assault. Hopefully Kensie and Saint are being protected from the media and their parents’ mudslinging during the duration of this endless battle.

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