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Naomie Olindo Dishes On Ashley Jacobs, Shep Rose’s Anger Issues, & Her Ex Craig Conover

Another season of Southern Charm has wrapped up. The show was more subdued without the drama of Thomas Ravenel, but it was still fun to spend time with the Charleston gang each week.

Charmer Naomie Olindo has been on the show for three seasons, first as the girlfriend of Craig Conover. This year, we saw Naomie working on growing her new business. We also met her new boyfriend, Metul Shah. Naomie is not one to stir up lots of drama with her castmates, but you have to wonder, what does she really think of her Southern Charm co-stars?

Naomie recently dished on some of her castmates on People TV, playing a game of “Cast on Blast.” She was asked to share what she finds “charming” and “most alarming” about different co-stars. Some of her thoughtful insights into her castmates might surprise you.

Of course, Naomie was asked about Charmless villainess Ashley Jacobs, declaring, “There is not one charming thing about Ashley Jacobs. It’s all alarming. All of it.” Considering that Ashley called Naomie a “bitch” while she was dining in a restaurant with friends off-camera, her response is not surprising. Naomie also added, “We just don’t speak the same language.”

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Southern Charm fans know the language Ashley seems the most fluent in is “Desperate Fame Wh*re.” I don’t think Rosetta Stone has a language learning program for that, so communicating with Ms. Jacobs is probably quite challenging!

Naomie also discussed her ex Craig and was surprisingly sweet in her response. She shared, “I think Craig is a very charming person. He is very smiley and can be very endearing.” Out of all of the cast, Craig is probably the most consistently likeable. And how can someone who makes pillows not be endearing? Pillows scream loveable.

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On the flip side of Craig, Naomie admitted, “Something alarming, um, well, I guess up until now it would have been the Aderall, but now that’s done. I don’t know–maybe if he’s still sleeping in. That would be alarming. ‘Til like 5 PM.” Craig’s lack of time management skills was one of the biggest causes of fights between the two before their breakup.

Another interesting response from Naomie about a cast member was regarding Kathryn Dennis. She stated about Kathryn, “Something charming is that Kathryn is actually really well read. She reads a lot. And she’s given me alot of amazing book recommendations, so I love that.” The not so charming thing about Kathryn that Naomie shared was “her custody battle with Thomas.” Fortunately, the messy legal fight is now settled.

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Regarding Shep Rose’s most charming quality, Naomie said, “I think is how well spoken Shep can be,” which is something Shep takes pride in, telling us about it over and over and over. We get it Shep–you are always the smartest one in the room.

What is alarming about Shep? Naomie probably needed to be diplomatic and couldn’t say “Almost everything!” So, she revealed, “Probably the anger which we talked about. And I feel that this is really the one of the first seasons it came out, but we’ve all kind of been on the receiving end of it, so I’m glad that it’s being discussed at least, and he’s being made aware.”

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Aware, but does he care? Shep seems to be giving off a real f*ck you attitude to the world lately, both on the show and through such embarrassing incidents as being kicked out of a VIP tent and shutting down his Twitter account after making fun of a homeless woman. It would be interesting to have more details on Shep’s behavior from Naomie. Maybe his anger would make a good storyline for Season 7–Shep goes to therapy. I am sure he could teach the therapist a thing or two.


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