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Southern Charm Star Craig Conover Admits Adderall Addiction

Craig Conover has been pretty open this season. Southern Charm has taken him from party-boy with no work ethic to finding his way after a rough break up. Viewers have noticed the obvious over the years, Craig consistently never seems to stay on task. He tends to lose focus on a whim. Craig has come clean on challenges his faced while finishing (or not finishing) law school. When his own lack of structure caused concern, he hired a life coach. After his relationship with Naomie Olindo ended, he admitted suffering from depression.

Craig is not a bad guy. He hasn’t been arrested for sexual assault. He hasn’t publicly humiliated a person for his own amusement. He’s never been the subject of media taunting after definitely not having sex with two random women. Much like everyone else in the world, Craig has his own issues to deal with. Because he spends a great deal of time on camera, some of his actions have been called into question. He can’t seem to hold a full-time job. He takes on different projects with no conclusion. While some might label Craig as “flakey,” there is a medical term for characteristics displayed by his behavior. Attention Deficit Disorder is a common, chronic condition. People are often prescribed medication to control the impulsive or hyperactive temperaments upon diagnosis. Now Craig is sharing his experience in finding out, sometimes the medication can become part of the problem.

I think we can all agree addiction is a thing. If you aren’t personally addicted to some kind of vice, you probably know someone who is. Addiction does not discriminate. Rich people suffer from it, poor people are affected by it, and whole families can be taken down from it. There are varying degrees of being an addict. A high number of people are addicts as a result of meds prescribed by their doctor. Now that the Southern Charm reunion is coming up, it looks like Craig is about to be called out for his own issues with prescribed medicine.

In an interview with People, Craig opens up about his struggle. “I actually choose to be honest about something that I wasn’t sure if I was going to be honest about, which is just kind of something that I took in law school and was prescribed to and everything,” Craig shared.

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His doctor placed him on Adderall, a common medication used to treat ADD. Adderall is also highly addictive. The medication’s reputation has spawned from a drug used to maintain stability, to a drug that (non-diagnosed) people use to stay high. Similar to other prescribed pills, sometimes patients have a difficult time discontinuing use.

When Craig’s relationship with Naomie ended, he spiraled downward. He jetted off to the Bahamas in an attempt to heal his bruised heart. When Craig took a break from the monotony of Charleston life, he took a break from the Adderall as well. Craig said, “Andy [Cohen] was asking me why I was so much healthier in The Bahamas and I stopped in The Bahamas. And now, I’ve stopped again and just this ADD medicine or whatever and I talk about that on the reunion.”

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In the Southern Charm reunion trailer, we hear Cameran Eubanks questioned about Craig’s reliance on Adderall. Andy asked, “Cameran, do you think he’s [Craig’s] addicted to Adderall?” as the cast remains silent. Craig stated, “That was kind of a moment where I was like, ‘You know what, I’ve been honest the past few years and been completely transparent and I kind of just went with it. So once that was over, I got to kind of sit back and have fun and laugh at everyone else.”

Good for Craig for acknowledging this issue and being honest. A lot of people could have played the lie, lie, and deny game, but Craig went another route. Here’s to hoping he has the tools he needs to remain healthy and able to continue his personal growth.

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